Almost 20 years later, tokyoplastic is back

May 4, 2021 New SuperRare Artists

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Vector pioneers who redefined web design and earned a cult like status that still endures almost 20 years laterSee the first minted work here.

By Rob Ford, FWA Founder

In late 2002 there was a general consensus that web design had become mundane, creativity was on the wane and we had seen it all before. But that was before tokyoplastic exploded onto the scene.

The first of three mint tokyoplastic originals, “Koguma Preloader – Tokyoplastic 1.0

It was one of those rare sites that gave you an adrenaline rush and a fright too, when you clicked on the loaded graphic and the site literally swallowed you up. 

Featuring Japanese Kokeshi dolls, tentacles and a host of other bizarre characters that walked a thin line between cute and grotesque, all of it rendered in an instantly recognizable iconic style that looks as fresh today as it did in 2002.

Tokyoplastic shot to instant web stardom, going viral before “going viral” had even entered the common lexicon. Pushing the software of the time beyond the limit of its capabilities and redefining contemporary website design. It fully exploited the power of vector graphics, fusing them with awesome sound FX for a truly unforgettable, intriguing and almost unnerving surfing experience.

Their “Drum Machine” followed to huge applause from the industry (winning the Sundance Online Film Festival Audience Award 2004) as they continued to dominate with their cutting-edge animated experiences that garnered a huge following and cult like status in the industry that still endures decades later.

Their work was featured globally online and in physical books, magazines and exhibitions, in 2020 tokyoplastic was highlighted in the history of web design book “Web Design. The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today” as a beacon of creativity that inspired a generation and set new viral landmarks.

On a personal note, I found their work to be the most original and exciting I have ever experienced, and I’m thrilled to see their work finally make its way to the world of NFTs. 

About the author: “Through his curation of FWA, Rob has become likely the world’s leading expert on not just web design, but overall creative expressions in the digital space. He celebrates great design and smart thinking for a living.” Lars Bastholm, USA



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