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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.
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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

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This project was done between 10-2017 and 07-2018 while i was still working in frustratingly undermining environment teeming with favoritism. The motivation came from a place of frustration, defiance and a desperate need for progress. More about this project here :

New York City
Tim Saccenti is a photographer and filmmaker working in experimental music and fashion worlds. His otherworldly images mix analog lighting techniques with specialised, modern mediums, including 3d, holography, lasers and generative digital art. Tim’s collaborators include Warp Records, Run the Jewels, Depeche Mode and Gucci. Tim is one-half of creative practice Setta Studio, based in New York City and Los Angeles.

Struggle Sessions 05
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The “Struggle Sessions” series is an exploration of space and deconstruction of the human
form.The portraiture basis of the images has being evolved and devolved during multiple “Struggle Sessions” between the artists. Concepted as a manual or self-help document for people coping with
digital fatigue, the ‘Struggle Sessions ‘represent the instances of manic de-contextualization of the figure using photography, digital sculpting and design.

Gerhard Koenderink


Cincinnati, USA
Gerhard Koenderink is a Dutch designer/creative director living in Cincinnati, Ohio with over 20 years of international experience. His art has been featured/reposted on arts and design sites as @Instagram, @Visual.fodder, @Artplugpowerhouse, @Divemadhousemag, @Illustarts, @Xuxoe, @Designdunker, @Motionmate, @Stefansagmeister, his design/creative have won awards that include Cannes Lions, Grand EFFIE, D&AD, CLIO, and AIGA 365 Design Effectiveness (Repository: Denver Art Museum). ✌🏻🖤

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Dark and stormy flows eventuality into tranquility. ✌🏻🖤 _May 2020.

Victor Fota


Victor Fota, b.1989. Visual artist/Oil Painter/Digital Enhancer BA and MFA in Visual Arts-Art History My NFTs are based on my oil paintings, which are augmented by retouch and animation.

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“I hate getting wet but I forced myself to go to the comfortable golden platform where I can feel exposed but safe. In this realm, glass and silk are enough for this purpose. I strapped 4 cans of candy drink and went for it. Swam through the metallic lake and reached it. My stomach imploded when I almost bent one of the intake pipes of the VR system. Bad design, in my opinion, the mayor is at fault here, I’m sure! Anyway, climbed safely, I put on my cosy silk blanket whilst drinking the juice. This time I tried all 4 of them, a bit risky but I wanted the full-body experience of this virtual reality and chemical “J” enhancement combo. I managed to write about this experience while waiting for the load time to finish… Talk to you later… Overdose…” /// This NFT is a jpg, 5928×3920 px. It is based on my “Overdose” oil painting which was painted on an aluminium panel of 33×50 cm. The painting is part of the “Hedonism Now” series which illustrates the seven deadly sins and their contemporary manifestations. I used photography, Blender and Photoshop to create the reference for the painting, jumping from digital to analogue and back to digital to create this NFT.

Montreal, Canada
Senior Concept Artist for the Entertainment Industry for +12 years. Video Games: Assassin’s Creed Bortherhood/III/ Black Flag/Valhalla; Farcry 4, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Film: Lion King ( 2019).

Cyberpunk Street
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This digital painting has set the artistic milestone for my Cyberpunk universe. Imagine a future world where AI is so powerful, and the giant holograms and billboards are displaying images and messages triggered by your preferences and interests in the language of your choice. We will live in the same physical world, but we will experience totally different realms of a virtual reality. Welcome to my Cyberpunk universe.

Berlin, Germany
Hi I’m Nick, 3D artist and designer from Germany. I love that 3D enables me to bring things to life that could not be possible otherwise. I can mimic and twist reality. For me 3D is the ultimate freedom.

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Like what you like. Be yourself. Speak your mind. // 4000x5000px 1/1
“Everyone uses a pencil as a tool. But I made a pencil a rare piece of art! “- says the world famous Russian artist and sculptor Salavat Fidai. His unique art at the tip of a pencil is unmatched. He has successfully collaborated with many well-known brands and labels. His works are in museums and private collections around the world.

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You can see the process of creating a micro-sculpture on the tip of an ordinary pencil by Salavat Fidai in 2020 . Due to a known crazy situation, all my exhibitions around the world in 2020 and 2011 were canceled! This is terrible! But I decided that there was an opportunity to show my work through a virtual show. The proceeds will help me create my first virtual exhibition, and all my 13 million subscribers will be able to see my art for what it really is! This NFT is Collaboration Between Artists Salavat Fidai and NickKaverin.

London, UK
Iness Rychlik is a renowned self-portrait photographer. Since she suffers from a chronic skin condition, Iness often uses her own body as a canvas for artistic expression. The subtle elegance of Rychlik’s compositions contrasts with an underlying aura of brutality. Her conceptual photographs provoke the viewer’s imagination, rather than satisfy it. Featured by ‘The British Journal of Photography’, ‘Cultura Inquieta’, ‘Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’, ‘L’Officiel Italia’, BBC Scotland. @inessrychlik

Innocence Lost
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The first artwork minted by the self-portrait photographer Iness Rychlik. ♦ ♦ ♦ ‘I suffer from a hyper-sensitive skin condition. As a teenager, I would often attempt to cover it up; I resented being asked if I had accidentally burnt myself. Throughout the years, I have learnt to see my skin as a canvas for artistic expression, rather than an ugly inconvenience that should be kept hidden. The crimson patterns come from a meticulous combination of me drawing and pressing everyday objects onto my skin. My process involves multiple test shoots over several days to determine the right pressure and timing for each photograph.’

Pol is an independent artist, focused on illustration and animation, based in Paris for the past 10 years. After ending his studies in 2009 at the National Decorative Arts School (ENSAD), he started producing and directing animated content for TV covers, kids TV shows, corporate movies and animated documentaries. Aside of his direction job, Pol is constantly experimenting new shapes of animation, illustrations and paintings.

Nuclear Monkey
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A gigantic incarnation of freedom is showing you the way. A bridge between movement and motionless through anonymous pictures and 19th-century E.Muybrige photographs. A hypnotic and absurd scene where your mind is projected into an endless story. Beware, you can fall deep into the picture.


The Great Discoverers
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An ecstatic cast of decorated explorers, generals, and conquistadors gather at the bow of a pirate ship, exuberantly dancing at the sight of new land.
Freelance Artist primarily focusing on gallery exhibitions (including museum shows and 8 solo shows), book illustration and private commissions for the last 17 years. Dangler’s artwork can be found in private collections throughout the world.

The Light
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A collaboration between artist: Matt Dangler, animator: Geoffrey Palmer, and musician: “Frown” – All sharing a similar aesthetic and goal; bringing the traditional artwork into a richer and more believable narrative, for the viewer to experience.

London UK
Concept artist in film and media, starting his career as a board game illustrator. Bryn loves to drink coffee and illustrate all day.

Meta Moo
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Moo is one of my most popular characters. Most of my following on social media was built on the Moo. This is my first piece of NFT art.

Poughkeepsie, NY
Scott Carr is a cartoonist and illustrator based in New York. He received his BA in Art/Illustration in 2011 from Central Connecticut State University. His work has been featured in The New Yorker, Vice and Smoke Signal.

Infinite Scroll
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I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Digital designer

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Echoes of eternal space find their way into our world through the energy of light. An endless cycle that generates
understanding and creation of space.

San Francisco
Artistic pioneer Jerry Garcia, well-known as the legendary guitarist, vocalist, and interstellar improviser of the Grateful Dead, was one of the first musicians from his era to create digital art. Jerry Garcia considered himself “an artist who played music.” As a youth, he attended the San Francisco Art Institute and, throughout his lifetime, produced various original works, including some rare early digital art. All art release projects include environmental and charitable components.

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Meeting “Gift,” he greets us just landing, coming into our view from blue sky-walking and fluffy cloud-surfing. We see the congenial face of “Gift,” a smiling forward-thinking interstellar being. He plays a musical staff. We experience his colorful epiphany of giving and receiving in a range of rainbow hues- purples, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and blues. We experience “Gift” as a realization of gratitude, an uplifting vision perceived through tangible abstractions. Familiar forms and geometric shapes adorn his garment. “Gift” plays by ear.

Martin Salfity


London, UK
Martin Salfity is a digital artist born in Salta, Argentina. Using 3D as a main tool, the focus of his work is on the intersection between the unseen and the tangible. On the edges of that blurry line is where he captures and brings to light extraordinary creatures and impossible scenarios. Currently lives and works in London, UK.

Hardcore Squidgy
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3D artist and animation director Martin Salfity, together with sound designer Nico Warschauer, present Hardcore Squidgy, a fantastically strange film that sees squidgy creatures interact with hard surfaces. They embarked themselves on a journey through abstract CGI and digital sound FX and music that resulted in this mixture of colors, shapes and textures that create contrasting impressions as they move around somewhat familiar territories.
A key figure in second-generation conceptual art, Michael Joo explores concepts of identity and knowledge in our hybrid world. His works blend disparate elements such as science and religion or fact and fiction. With an emphasis on process, Joo juxtaposes humanity’s states of knowledge and culture. His works have been shown around the world including the Smithsonian Institution, Whitney Museum and Serpentine Gallery. His works are in the collections of MoMA, LACMA and Hirshhorn, among others.

Future Imperfect
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Michael Joo’s NFT is based on Future Imperfect, a 2009 installation of the same name. “For the sculpture, made after a crippling accident in 2008, I acquired actress Sharon Park’s third flight-suit from the series Battlestar Galactica and ran it through the CT scanning and x-ray equipment used to image my healing injury. The work was installed with a geodesic helmet of live feed cameras examining and broadcasting the space of the absent identity and presented alongside oil paintings of the scans. The original image was taken by Thomas Muller and video compositing for this NFT done in collaboration with Eric Kim. My work always combines the very real with the speculative to attempt to bring us closer to inaccessible things or places and invite questions about our contemporary identities and place in larger ecologies and systems.” The NFT carries a Verisart Fair Trade Art Certificate as Joo will be donating 10% of proceeds to Red Canary Song in support of their advocacy and community building for migrant massage workers and sex workers. The release will include exclusive access to an authentic digital image and signed digital diptych. A key figure in second-generation conceptual art, Michael Joo’s works are in the collections of MoMA, LACMA and Hirshhorn, among others. Verisart Certified:



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