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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.
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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.
Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-Canadian artist and (re)searcher based in New York. Chung’s work explores the mark-made-by-hand and the mark-made-by-machine as an approach to understanding the dynamics of humans and systems. Chung is a former research fellow at MIT’s Media Lab and a pioneer in the field of human-machine collaboration. In 2019, she was selected as the Woman of the Year in Monaco for achievement in the Arts & Sciences.

Ligatures (Node 1)
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How can objects of speculative value be reimagined as support for mutual aid? Ligatures (Node 1) is a new augmented reality series that connects lines of support — between artist, collector, and collectives dedicated to mutual aid. Node 1 expresses the concept of a multi-nodal decentralized network as an interlocking kinetic sculptural form that changes over time — like a living organism. The collector will receive a link to the AR artwork through the Verisart Certificate of Authenticity. As a digital piece, Node 1 will exist in 3 locations at once — the collector’s home, the artist’s studio, and the site of mutual aid. Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-Canadian artist and (re)searcher. Chung explores the dynamics of humans and systems and is a pioneer of human-machine collaboration. Her works have been exhibited internationally including at Art Basel, MIT Media Lab and New Museum. This work uses a Fair Trade Art certificate and 100% of the artist’s proceeds from the NFT will be donated to EV loves NYC. Verisart Certified:

New York
Juan Carlos Pagan in an award winning Artist, Designer, & Typographer. He has been recognized for his work by PRINT magazines New Visual Artist, ADC Young Guns Award, and The Type Directors Club Ascenders Award. His studio practice is located is New York City.

Years Of Pride
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Originally commissioned by The New York Times, the 50 Years of Pride cover commemorates a seminal moment in history, The StoneWall Inn riots. Half-century ago, the police and patrons clashed at a gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich Village NYC. The riot poured out onto Christopher Street where now the pride colors intersect with the street crosswalk lines. That clash helped spark a movement that continues to this day. This was created to honor and observe the 50 year anniversary of that historic moment. The work draws inspiration from the pride colors painted within the Christopher Street crosswalk by turning them into a massive typographic 50. 10% of the sale of this NFT will be donated to the LGBT Center in NYC.
Creature concept artist for film / tv / toys / games.

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DoubleJAW was created to tear through flesh and crush bone, all while demoralizing those that bear witness. Another enormous advanced bio-mechanical mechanism designed by an anti-human AI to exterminate all people. Several variations were manufactured, all with aesthetics designed to paralyze with fear, then tear to shreds. The AI was an early experiment by the DopePope corporation that they admit “got away from them” but are now “just curious to see what it comes up with”. This artwork was created by digitally photographing several toy dolls, from all angles, then manipulating the photos, and painting over that into the concepts seen here. This is one in a series of 6, all done with this approach. The concepts were specifically designed to inspire wonder, confusion, awe, and fear. The series was done at an early stage in my career, before getting into 3D sculpture. It exhibits my determination to capture a 3D aesthetic, from before my foray into ZBrush. And it’s a series of which I am very proud.

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IN BLOOM is a result of the collaboration between new media artist NERI, software architect and researcher NYPOX, and photographer Anna Ekomasova. It is a Digital Haute Couture piece that explores the future of digital fashion, mixed reality, and computational design. The tech behind the piece is a custom AI-powered matchmoving system that allows the user to reconstruct a body shape and movement from a single view.

Vector pioneers who revolutionised web design and inspired a generation of artists and designers. Distorting the lines between animation and graphic art, mixing cute and grotesque, and fused with perfectly timed sound effects, tokyoplastic was more an experience than a website. Its iconic characters and razor sharp animation captivated an audience of millions and earned it a cult like status in the industry that still endures today.

Kokeshi Eat – Tokyoplastic 2.0
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Tokyoplastic 2.0 was the culmination of two and a half years intensive work. The resulting site was a wild vector adventure that surprised you at every turn. Pushing the current technology beyond its limits to create a website unlike any other online experience. It went on to win numerous international awards and inspired a generation of animators and designers. While it was published in dozens of books and magazines it never really worked on paper, it was too alive for that, dependent on the sharp animation and overwhelming sounds that made it completely unique. The perfect medium for it was the one that it was created for, nothing else would do it justice. Thanks to the advent of NFTs it is now possible to own part of this iconic site as it was intended to be experienced. This looped animation brings together several of the key elements from tokyoplastic 2.0, the kokeshi, box, eaty and tentacles. Freshly remastered and presented in razor, sharp super smooth 4K 60fps. The winning bidder will also receive an exclusive 8640×2160 360 SBS Virtual Reality video of the same. A unique, 1/1 edition.

Santa Cruz, CA
Sierra Siemer is an artist and designer. Born in New York, she now lives and works in California, where she utilizes chance as a strategy for breaking her obsession with order. She creates digital compositions, videos, paintings, prints, and tapestries.

Meditation 01
Edition 1 of 1

Untitled meditation 01.

I am Borja, 3D artist living in Barcelona

Edition 1 of 1

A horse made of humans

Merging realities
Creating worlds for the Metaverse in collaboration with digital artists from across the globe. Founder of Yambo Studio/co-founder of NFT and digital collectible ecosystem, Dissrup — Coming Q4 2021

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In their piece of the Dissrup universe, BOVK and Noi create an otherworldly space in which lonely figures grapple with colourful inflatables, oblivious to the joys and struggles enjoyed and endured by those around them. Belongings explores the different ways in which we interact with the past, while attempting to understand the complexities of dealing with real emotions in a digital world. The owner of this NFT will receive a physical pouf of the silver collectible when the Dissrup platform goes live in Q4 2021.

London-based Digital Artist from Florence. With the strong influence of classical sculpture, pop culture, and his background in animation, Leonardo’s art tries to bring something new to the table, although preserving immense respect for tradition.

Renaissance ????
Edition 1 of 1

“Who said only humans get to make history?” Collect this piece to receive a physical copy of the statue. Secondary owners will also be able to claim their copy as commission.

Los Angeles
Exclusive curator, presenter and producer of NFT art on Super Rare. CTM is a Creative Management firm with ventures in Music + Film + Live + Culinary & the crossroads at which they meet. An international network and in depth understanding of today’s rapidly shifting paradigms, gives us the ability to serve our clients by Empowering, Enabling, and Elevating their purpose.

Resurrection by EBI
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‘Resurrection’ is the first ever NFT art piece by Persian music legend and one of the most beloved Iranian superstars in the world, EBI. The piece, depicts the tomb of Cyrus The Great, who was not only the founder of the Persian Empire, but also the first world leader to implement Human Rights, 2600 years ago. Cyrus The Great, changed the course of human history by freeing all slaves in the empire, including the Hebrews who had been taken as captives and enslaved in Babylon for generations. By freeing them and allowing them to return to their homeland, Cyrus cemented his place in history. Today, the Cyrus Cylinder, the first charter of human rights, sits at the British Museum, with a replica housed at the United Nations in New York, as a reminder of just rule to world leaders. ‘Resurrection’, shows the Tomb of Cyrus coming to life, triggered by the beautifully haunting voice of EBI. This is a resurrection of the spirit of freedom, justice and humanity. ✨✨✨ NFT Auction winner will receive: – ‘1/1’ NFT digital art piece: Resurrection by EBI – A signed handwritten letter addressed to the auction winner by Ebi. – 2 VIP tickets to any of EBIs concerts around the world, chosen by the winner, including a meet & greet with Ebi backstage. ✨✨✨

Los Angeles
Los Angeles based musician | artist | futurist ╚╬╧ question everything Ω «the only authority is yourself☻♦

Edition 1 of 1

FWB DAO commission and collaboration – Panther Modern – Genesis NFT • the DAOs infamous birds, extruded into the third dimension – web2 to web3 • the bird’s material make up – rough metallic characteristic – tangible yet unrefined • the path illuminated – linear and with an ending undefined • yet the core image, the ideas, are common and understood • | ALL TIME HIGH flyer | • FWB DAO has gladly offered to give the winning bid: A VIP Table and Bottle at the ALL TIME HIGH event, FWB’s inaugural IRL party taking place June 3rd at FLOYD MIAMI •• Additionally I’ve decided to share a part of the proceeds with the FWB DAO, where the community will decide on a charity to donate to. • FWB Member since Sept 2020

Bager Kaya is a professional Kurdish photo-Artist based in Istanbul Turkey. Kaya started the art of photography with the Olympus compact camera, which was gifted by his mother. The light-shadow, color, loosening of clear and precise lines, melting, and fusing of forms in composition and compositions of the Baroque period have a great influence on Kaya’s art. The fine arts library, where Kaya has worked for many years, has been a great help in improving his eye.

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Still-life painting has been a genre that most clearly demonstrates ownership and the purchasing act of humans throughout history. As Roland Barthes claimed still-life painting is a “commodity empire”. The genre of still-life illustrates the glamour of wealth that affluent people of the upper class have earned through colonizing people and regional places. My photography lifts the glamour off the still-life genre and shows the type of decay within an unfair world-order behind the scenes. Our nature and world are decomposing as a result of the problematic relationship that the human race has developed with nature from past to present. As I believe in direct narration, I name these series of photographs ‘decayedness’.

Digital and selfportrait artist. Im inspired by my experience and suffering! CLIENTS: Burberry,Adidas,Bacardi,Farfetch,Honor,Fenty Beauty,L’Oreal,Crocs ,IKEA etc.

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During life we change what can be compared to
regeneration. Every human creates himself,
gives birth, nurtures and educates. No one in
this big world but us


Next Gen
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When our children get to decide the line between humanity and technology.



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