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Motion Plus Design launches Ignition, the rarest NFT collection

The first NFT collection of Motion Design: 1 unique artwork associated with one-of-a-kind Motion Plus Design display case. A weekly rendezvous to hunt the more collectible talents in the NFT wild west.

Jul 8, 2021 Artist Statements

12 months ago

Every week: 1 artist | 1 drop | 1 physical token

Motion Plus Design is the biggest festival dedicated to digital arts – and more specifically to motion design – for over 10 years with 3 yearly editions in Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles plus in 15 cities around the world for its satellite editions, from Rio to Istanbul, New Delhi or Shanghai. Its founder, Kook Ewo, is not only inviting on stage the superstars and Andy Warhol’s of tomorrow but he is also a digital art curator.

In 2021, like all of us, he was shaken by the NFT revolution: It is finally possible to buy digital art! And digital artists can finally earn royalties!

In reaction to this shift in art history, Motion Plus Design has decided to continue doing what the festival is internationally known for: Promoting great digital artists and discovering new ones. Adding a little touch of boldness…

That’s how Ignition is born: Featuring 20 artists from around the globe and spanning over 20 weeks.

The first NFT collection of Motion Design: 1 unique artwork associated with one-of-a-kind Motion Plus Design display case. A weekly rendezvous to hunt the more collectible talents in the NFT wild west.

The philosophy of this collection is to highlight a genius of motion design per week, whether it’s a superstar or an emerging one.

And to make this collection the rarest ever, Motion Plus Design has designed a precious case associated with the NFT. It’s entirely handmade in Paris by local printers and craftsmen, which make it a unique piece that cannot be falsified.

Inside, there is a unique detachable screen displaying the NFT that can be detached, hung on a wall or exposed thanks to an easel, a booklet presenting the artist and his artwork, a metallic laser engraved certificate of authenticity and a special surprise for the collector.

Every Thursday from July 8 to November 18, go to  to discover a new amazing artist as well as the place of the sale, since each artist exposes and sells himself his NFT on the website or the auction house of his choice.


Auction starting : 2021, July 8 at 07:00 L.A | 16:00 PARIS | 23:00 TOKYO.

Gryun Kim is a 3D Motion Graphic Artist known for detailed surreal animations bridging the imagined and the tangible through 3D visuals.

The artwork he has specially created for the Ignition collection, “Quantum Tree” shows one of the creatures of Asymmetry, the digital world generated by Artificial Intelligence. The ignition triggers the ‘Quantum Tree’ and begins to expand Asymmetry by creating another world.

In his creative process, the artist generated the animation of the machines of his Quantum tree in a random way by computer coding. Whether in this world or in the one he designs, the artist honors AI, using Octane Render, a software dedicated to the creation of photorealistic computer graphics. He says: “The reason I used this technique is because it is the story about the Digital world called Asymmetry. I want to make animations by the computer, not humans.”

How Motion Plus Design is born ?

First, this is the story of a passionate guy! Kook Ewo is one of the rare French title sequences designer who works both in France and in the US. He has collaborated on more than 40 films and series with world-class directors such as Guillermo Del Toro, Betsy West, Christophe Gans, Vincenzo Natali or Cédric Klapisch…

Amazed by the exponential inventiveness of motion designers, he was quickly convinced that these artists were the Andy Warhol of a generation, the rock stars of tomorrow. He naturally decided to create a festival to honor these geniuses and dared to invite international superstars to come and speak on stage in France. He unearths incredible speakers, with extremely rare sensibilities and ahead of their time… and it is a buzz! With his human approach, Kook encourages artists to compose talks that focus on their experiences, on what motivates them and expose their visions.

An approach that is not technical but inspiring, like a TED talk of graphic design. The event stimulates, grows, and is now exported worldwide!

“Just as there was the explosion of the art of cinema or video games, we are experiencing now the explosion of motion design. ” – Kook Ewo

Just as in their beginnings, cinema, photography or DJing were not considered at their true value, it is still the same for Motion Design,

a division of graphic arts. Every year, there is more and more motion designers, new job titles, integrated services in advertising agencies, specialized schools… The explosion is here.

But, what is motion design ?

Motion Design? This is: film credits (from the pioneering James Bond or Seven to the latest Marvels), series title sequences (True Detective, Westworld, Game of Thrones, The Crown…), the animated interfaces of our phones, the animated logos of the news, the best of video games interface (Fortnite, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed …), the craziest commercials, the revolution of medicine by the HoloLens, the most exciting immersive installations, and already the future of Virtual, Augmented, Extended Reality or Real Time…

What is Motion Plus Design ?

For over 10 years, Motion Plus Design has been acting on 4 stages:

The organization of the biggest international events dedicated to the ultra-creative art of motion design with 3 annual editions in Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles and in 15 cities around the world for its satellite editions: From Rio to Istanbul, from New Delhi to Shanghai…

Each event is one day of exclusive and inspiring talks where the stars of motion design come to speak on stage about their extraordinary careers, unveil their latest collaborations with the greatest directors or brands, and reveal current trends.


It’s also the website, an educational interface where all talksinterviewsschool world maps and learning sites are offered for free!

And digital art curation. These are “carte blanche” pieces based on collaborations between the greatest worldwide artists…

And finally, the first NFT collection of Motion Designwith a unique one-of-a-kind display case for each unique artwork.



SuperRare is a marketplace to collect and trade unique, single-edition digital artworks.

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