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One of the pieces from my original IP 'Girl chasing giants'.
3 years ago

Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

Peter Clark is a multi-media artist and commercial director with an emphasis on graphic design brought to life via experimental animation techniques. His work is largely influenced by a life of skateboarding and drumming, which gave birth to his audio alias Enternull. Clark is often involved in both the audio and visual production of his projects — which vary between experimental animations, light-based installation art and title design packages.


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Firewall is a physical manifestation of a digital process and incorporates the burning action associated with ignition. The piece shows a computer’s hard drive surrounded by a wall of flame, protecting the data from external threats. The visual effects are created by burning layers of steel wool.

Making people dream and escape the every day world is the main intention of Michelle’s landscape art. She combines real elements with unique ideas to create magical scenes that tell stories.


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Magic can be found everywhere you go. // “Aurora” shows the peace in-between chaos. It was a cold night in Iceland, water was splashing against my face, I fell when trying to climb the slippery rocks to capture this scene. And while the moment was filled with fear and confusion, the curiosity of the unknown won. There was just something so mesmerizing and peaceful of finally standing in front of the waterfall and watching it being lit up by the lights. 
// “Aurora” is a reflection of this exact feeling, the feeling that getting out of your comfort zone will always be rewarded. // This artwork is a composite photograph created out of two different images.

Andrew Footit is a London-based designer exploring Typography and Illustration using colour, pattern and dimension. Clients include: Nike, Fendi, Apple, ESPN, Adobe, The Washington Post, and Fortune.


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An exploration into form, texture and balance in an abstract stack of shapes and densities.

3D Artist and Art Director based in Paris. Mainly focus on architecture, I tell you stories with images

“Sky Journey”

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“Sky Journey”is a spaceship designed to travel across the universe in a relax and cosy way.

Artist works in Video game and animation industry. Projects: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse,” “Love Death & Robot: The Witness,” “Watch Dogs Legion” – tipping point cinematic.

“The bubble lake”

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One of the pieces from my original IP ‘Girl chasing giants’.Please check my personal site for more information.

Brock Hofer is a full time digital illustrator based in east coast Canada.

“Genesis Beast”

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The wall glowed brilliantly as the colourful mass began to form into faces, each new one pushing aside the others in a bid for dominance. The winged creature resting on the surface seemed oblivious to the jaws forming around it. Only when the rows of jagged teeth began to brush against it did the creature attempt to flee, but by then it was too late. One dominant face had pushed past the other gnashing jaws, with glowing bright eyes and rows and rows of teeth closing around the creature. The winged thing became nothing more than another thrashing face among many others, to be devoured or absorbed into the mass.

Portuguese artist based in the beautiful Porto city, Portugal. At the moment, her focus is on reinterpreting places with a magical vibe and creating surreal worlds she would love to live in. Her visual narratives take us to the beauty side and make us look at life with a more joyous and dreamy perspective.

“Create your Chill”

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It’s only when I spend time in Nature and “get away from it all” that the feeling of bliss washes over me. I need it to unplug, find clarity, and refresh my mind. Do you feel the same too?



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