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Oct 17, 2021 Top 10 Picks

8 months ago

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Created as an extension of investigating the door as a symbol in both the artist’s life and broader culture. The artist creates his digital paintings using custom software. He selects and changes variables by hand, layering the output of the generative algorithms he’s been writing since 2014. This process allows him to more rapidly and accurately manifest the vision in his mind’s eye, compared to the physical materials he began his artistic career with over 20 years ago. After Yukio Ota’s ISO Standard exit sign.

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Don’t even think about thinking about it.

III. First Sacrifice
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We’ve never been here before. This vast space to traverse seems daunting. No. Ignore the mirage. These are not artifacts buried in the sand. Decay is coming here. This desert is merely young and in the making. Leave them. Along with your offering. Even the grains will soon be too big of an increment to see. Mark your progress. Death to baby. Long live Luci. NOTE ABOUT THE BIDDING PROCESS I believe in bringing everyone with me for this next chapter. Both those who come to own my genesis paintings and those who bid. -Every bid on Chapter 1 NFTs will be timestamped and cataloged into a CLAIM CONTRACT. When the auctions close, these will be compiled and I will be painting unique variations of the 4th painting in the series of LUCI’s skull based on the total amount of bidders. -Each and every bidder will be entitled to ONE unique variation of LUCI’s skull. -Each winning bid of Birth of Luci, Lullabies for Isaac, and First Sacrifice will receive said NFT as well as be entitled to THREE unique LUCI skulls. -The “blueprint” skull painting has already been made and can be previewed in the editorial or on my socials. The variations which will make each distinct include permutations on color, material, painted tribalistic patterns, etchings and runes, overgrown nature, eye/teeth/nail variations, cracks, jewelry, head dresses, and elaborate melted distortions all pulling from the goop world and tripspace of LUCI. When the auctions close, the manual process begins, each painting handled with care, and these skulls will be claimable and dropped to all wallets randomly once the final amount of skulls is tabulated and painted.

Time moves in the wrong direction. Digital illustration created by Eric Pause. 3667 x 5000

This was truly a once in a lifetime moment. An ethereal blaze of history. On the 100 year anniversary of Meiji Jingu, on one of the only days in its history where it stays open beyond sunset for a light festival, I was fortunate enough to be there to capture it and get lost in the glows. Meiji Jingu is usually visited by millions every year and only accessible during daylight hours. On a whim, on that Sunday afternoon in November, I decided to go there for sunset. I often like to visit as it’s my little pocket of peace in Tokyo. An incomparable space of nature and zen within this bustling metropolis. I was surprised beyond words to see that The Eternal Forest was lit up with an orange glow and full of festivities. I was convinced I was in a fairytale. My life often feels like that out here. This piece is my experience of that once in a lifetime event.

A boy and a girl having a nice meal together. We can see the view of the ocean and sky from Sakura Diner.

Everything is connected to everything. It’s not only the first law of ecology, but also something that crosses my mind regularly when I think of the past, the present and the future. The past is our foundation, the bedrock that allows a stable society to exist. We treasure things from the past that we want to hold on to, while dreaming of our future.
This series shows how the present is intertwined with with the treasures of the past and our dreams about the future. This is the animated version of my artpiece Maury. Part of the EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING SERIES (2021).

This piece is called Inner Growth, and I created it because I had a lot of it going on within me this summer, even though I didn’t ask for it. For the past 11 years, my entire life has been about baseball and chasing the dream. My life revolves around success in the sport until I had my first child and until both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly I found myself not wanting to be so far away from home for months at a time. I battled this conflict all season long, until I was released in July. I had mixed feelings about the release. I was upset that it happened, but also a little relieved too. I still have mixed feelings about it, but I have to find a way to live with it and realize everything happens the way it’s meant to happen. Consider this my inner growth.

“I Hate This Feeling…. whatever.. can we create things we like?” a 3D animated loop created in 2019 done in Cinema 4D rendered using Sketch And Toon [H264-MP4/0:14/2000x864PX]

The impetus and dynamic orchestration of the fluctuating bodies in Impossible Sculptures symbolise the eternal tension between the terrestrial and the celestial. The work of artist duo, Hande Şekerciler and Arda Yalkın (ha:ar) centres on themes that span from our ancestral feelings to the postmodern sense of alienation. Impossible Sculptures capture the essence of our times. The artists portray dense compositions of bodies that appear reborn amidst an ethereal surrounding, reminiscent of an ultra-contemporary Renaissance. Impossible Sculptures No.26 is the first video ha:ar has produced for this series. The work was exhibited for the first time at Contemporary Istanbul between 5-10 October 2021 and has a performative feature; two new scenes has been added to the video every day, resulting in a video work that evolved throughout the show. The piece has been completed with the addition of an audio channel in the evening of October 10th. (The video was tokenized as two parts.) Part.1 1080 x 1920 HD video loop with stereo sound 2021



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