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Hidden Gems: 10 of the last two weeks’ most popular NFTs still priced at at 1ETH or less
An Rong
3 years ago

By Luke Whyte, Editorial Director

Welcome to Hidden Gems, a new series by SuperRare’s Editorial team diving into internal data to highlight sleeper, or otherwise exciting, SuperRare artworks and network trends.

For this first week, we’ve pulled data on the 10 artworks viewed by the most people (repeat views by the same person don’t count) over the last two weeks that haven’t seen a sale, or an offer over 1 ETH. Basically, these are the (for now) still modestly-priced artworks that y’all have been ogling over the last 14 days.

There’s a lot of jelly in these here donuts, so lets go:

Entertainment industry concept artist, Donglu Yu‘s serene cityscape, Red Shades of Love, has been viewed by 1,817 people in just the last 9 days (over 2,100 views in total) but is yet to see an offer (as of publishing), making it the most-visited unsold artwork still priced at 1 ETH or less over the last two weeks.

Ether Cola by Fernando Pavón, an illustration with the effect of a once crumpled 1950s cola advertisement for a blochchain beverage, has crossed the eyes of 1,593 visitors in the just the three days since it was minting! There are five current bidders with the top bid still at 0.4 ETH as of publishing.

#3: Ocean by @molistudio

The “visual poetry” of artist @molistudio of Buenos Aires in their piece “Ocean” has seen 1,288 unique visitors in the nine days since it was minted. The current bid sits at 0.15 ETH for this dreamlike, ethereal vision.

Wild, rich and thought-provoking, Dutch artist Marcel van Luit‘s piece “Aymon” was minted 13 days ago and has been visited by 1,284 people since. It did see a bid of 1.5 ETH, but it has since been withdrawn. Some of van Luit’s other work on SuperRare have list prices as high as 40 ETH.

Cabinet of Curiosities (after Cornelis de Baellieur) by Matthew Stone of the UK draws reference from 17th century oil painting Cabinet of Curiosities by Cornelis de Baellieur. It’s been viewed by 1,185 people in the last 14 days and, without any standing offers, is the definition of a hidden gem.

Part of London-based artist Andrew Footit‘s “The Dozen” series, “The Dozen Series #02” was minted 14 days ago, he been viewed by 1,180 people since and has a current offer at 0.44 ETH. Learn more about “The Dozen” series here.

A beautiful, haunting urban scene, Sovereignty by Connor Campbell of California was minted seven months ago, but has seen a flurry of 1,076 new viewers in the last 14 days. The current offer sits at 0.07 ETH.

1,071 unique viewers in the last 14 days for “BACK FROM THE HACKED “ROYALTY”“, an acrylic painting transformed into an animated NFT by Florida artist SMOGONE. The current offer is 0.11 ETH.

A God – Lonely On The Hill” by renowned Italian artist Andrea Marcias has been viewed by 1,071 people since it was minted nine days ago. The current bid is 0.04 ETH, but many of Marcias’ works have sold for significantly higher.

#10: Brain Scratch by @ruye

A surreal representation of the functioning of a brain, artist Ruye‘s piece “Brain Scatch” was minted 12 days ago, has a current offer of 0.777 ETH and has been viewed by 1,053 in its dozen days of existence, and closes the gate on this week’s list.



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