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8 months ago

This is the year 3050, where Dino, a young kid discovers an access to an ancient hidden world filled with magic. Join him on his journey to unlock the new portals shaped in the form of magical items.

Dino’s Gate: The Alter Ego

Edition 1 of 1
Dino’s Magical World is an interactive story that links Collectors to the World discovered by Dino. It merges three concepts: Storytelling – Gaming – Interaction. The Alter Ego is an exclusive 1/1 Gate that Dino created during his journey. It is the fruit of many adventures and friendships made. This Gate is a reminder to every viewer jumping in Dino’s World to always look within yourself. The collector will become the owner of the Gate and will also play a 1/1 Game designed by MigratingLines allowing them to be partly involved in the storytelling. In the fields of Jako, Dino started placing the Magical Items on top of each other, trying to build some sort of tower. He started with the Magical Item #1, then #2, and so on until he placed the Magical Item #10. A cloud of colorful smoke suddenly appeared in front of him. Amazed, he took a deeper  look and submerged himself in the fog. Colors everywhere, he kept on walking until he saw rays of light. All of a sudden, something extraordinary appeared a Magical Gate. He gazed at the giant Gate, and heard a voice telling him: “You finally found me.”

My favorite food is maple syrup.

Salted Tongue

Edition 1 of 1
This artwork is the #17 of the Ignition Collection and is paired with a physical token: a unique display case. Curated by Motion Plus Design. For more info, click on the link below: https://www.motion-plus-design.com/nft/collection/0#17 | ARTWORK DESCRIPTION > My favorite meat is lamb and my favorite thing on the yakiniku menu is outside skirt, but now I’m in the mood to enjoy beef tongue with salt and lemon. | IGNITION COLLECTION > The first NFT Collection  of Motion Design. 20 artists, 20 unique motion artworks, each paired with 1 unique Motion Plus Design display case. | THE PHYSICAL TOKEN > The first buyer will receive the Motion Plus Design display case (24x32x7,5 cm / 9,4×12,5×3 inches), 
entirely handmade in Paris (France) by local printers and craftsmen which makes it a unique piece. Inside, there is a unique vertical screen (13,5×21,5 cm / 5,3×8,4 inches) displaying the NFT in loop (no sound) that can be detached, hung on a wall or exposed thanks to an easel, a booklet presenting the artist and his artwork, a metallic laser engraved certificate of authenticity and a special surprise for the collector.

Ex-Film Visual Effects Artist making weird lumpy art.

“Night Goat”

Edition 1 of 1
This started life as a graphite drawing I made for a show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles in 2019. I scanned and repainted it in color in Procreate. When painting digitally I prefer to use a similar approach and color palette to my oil paintings as much as possible. This is my first NFT on any platform so I chose something both familiar and new at the same time. 3093 x 4000 pixels

Iurie Belegurschi is an internationally acclaimed nature photographer with a passion for the outdoors and the Arctic Region. Self-taught, he is renowned for capturing the power, majesty, and vulnerability of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. He is particularly esteemed for his breathtaking images of Iceland, where he is based, most notably of the country’s Northern Lights, Ice Caves, and Volcanoes.


Edition 1 of 1
Erebor – is part of Iurie Belegurschi’s genesis NFT collection “New World” Iurie trained AI with hundreds of his Iceland Highlands photographs taken in the last 15 years to create a New World in the Metaverse, the algorithms created new and unique dreamlike landscape…. a New World … The result is a unique artwork created from a collaboration between a machine and a human. The collector of this piece will also get a 45 inch printed version of the artwork with a limited edition of 1/1 and a certificate of authenticity.

Luis Toledo Laprisamata is an artist based in Spain. Thanks to his particular graphic style he has developed projects for Warner Music, Atlantic Records, EAGames… Internationally recognized with the Wacom Awards, Pantone or Behance National Design Awards, his work has also been published in magazines like Juxtapoz , Hi-Fructose, Computer Arts… Exhibitions in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore… His works have also illustrated the music of Weezer, Gary Clark Jr., and Pete Townshend (The Who).

“Triene Vulpes”

Edition 1 of 1
Triene Vulpes | Sacred Animals | Rituals Series The Blue Desert or The Desert of th Blue Men is the place where the Iberians will live, an ancient sea where  priests perform rituals and sacrifices, and where the three-eyed skull and black felines are worshipped. The land of Esperpentos is where elms used to grow and where some olive trees, acacias, almond trees and thyme now survive.

WLOP, digital artist. Creator of GHOSTBLADE series


Edition 1 of 1
The unique version of my artwork “Cage”. Princess Yan from the Ghostblade series. Created by wlop Feb 10, 2019 The collector will get the original PNG file in 10400×6190 pixels.

A multidisciplinary artist & creative director. VM broke the internet with her post disability image as the world’s 1st Bionic Pop Artist, bridging music, technology, fashion, performance & medicine


Edition 1 of 1
VIKTORIA MODESTA x PANDAGUNDA ⚡Release. Emancipation. Liberation. ⚡ A collaboration between VFX ARTIST Pandagunda & BIONIC POP ARTIST Viktoria Modesta celebrating Modesta’s record MOKSHA. Sound – Madeaux. 3D Character – Abdelrahman Shebl. 33 seconds, 1920×1280 11111Kbps animation with audio

The Guild is an inclusive, dynamic and interdisciplinary Arts organization founded on the blockchain during the Covid-19 pandemic with a key focus on cultivating creative collaboration, promoting cross cultural synergy, positivity, equality and artistic sustainability in this new paradigm of global creativity.

Alicia in Technoland

Edition 1 of 1
‘Alicia in Technoland’ is the first ever animated NFT by The Guild. It is a techno-infused take on the classic Alice in the Wonderland story, with a myriad of styles being represented across thirty-eight different artists. Each artist contributed their techno renditions of characters and elements – drawing 
inspiration from the original story but contemporising it with a modern twist. The resulting mix of 
still images and sequences were staged within a 3d environment, reminiscent of the more familiar spaces found within the fabled tale. From illustration to collage, 
glitched video processing to VR, ‘Alicia in Technoland’ has a little something in it for everyone
…especially those with a cat-like curiosity. 



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