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7 months ago

Illustrators, founders of the Crypto Geisha collectibles.

Revenge – BAYC 121

Edition 1 of 1
Artwork featured in the Rolling Stone
x Bored Ape Yacht Club Limited
Edition Zine

Yung Jake, a Los Angeles-based visual artist and rapper, is best known for generating music videos that reflect on how digital art, social media, and shifting perceptions of reality inform modern culture.

“island boy”

Edition 1 of 1
2021 emoji portrait digitally painted using emoji.ink emoji’s used: ????93,????98,????10,????22,????65,????6,????16,????25,????10,????16,????11,⭐15,????9,????8,????12,????7,????6,????4,????16,????8,????????‍♀️5,????31,????8,????8,????️45,????11,????18,????8,????7,????8,????2,????8,????9,????2,????18,????7,????7,????????‍????8,????6,????6,????3,????????‍✈️2,????6,????27,????5,????????‍????2,????‍????‍????2,✊14,????6,????5,????3,????1,????2????, 4,✋????5,????????2,????????8,????9,????️2,????5,????7,????9,????10,????3,????️5,????????3,????3,????3,✒️3,♟️4,????️2,????️7,????5,????6,????5,????3,????7,????2,????12,????9,????10,????10,????5,????8,????6,????1,????2,????1,????2,????2,????️1,????????‍????2,????2,????3,????1,????2,➖9,????2,????2,⚫4,⏱️2,????8,⛏️7,????8,????2,????4,⚰️3,????????3,????3,????3,????6,????1,????2,????2,????6,????3,????2,????1,????2,????4,????5,????‍☠️5,????????2,????2,????6,????1,????2,????????2,????????1,????4,????️11,☁️3,????4,????️2,????3,????????1,????️4,????8,????4,????2,????4,????9,????️11,✏️6,❕4,????2,????13,????9,????3,????‍????‍????‍????4,????2,????️5,????6,????5,????????‍????‍????????2,????4,????2,????4,????5,????2,????3,????5

Tishk Barzanji is a visual artist, his work touches on the modernism and surrealism movement. His process is about space, color, deconstruction, breaking boundaries, understanding the living space in this fast-moving world, and human interactions within these spaces. Since 2017, he has worked with Rockefeller, New York Times, V & A museum, Somerset house, Gucci, and most recently featured in British Vogue.


Edition 1 of 1
Inspired by a dusky night in NY.
Amour touches on the power of
vulnerability, in this 24Hr connectivity
and our human interactions.
Exploring the relationship between
colors, and how they create an
atmosphere within our soul.

Multidisciplinary artist, mostly faces and figures.

“Ballpoint BAYC #0”

Edition 1 of 1
Artwork featured in the Rolling Stone
x Bored Ape Yacht Club Limited
Edition Zine

Brilly, Formerly known as Locked And Loading, is a Digital Artist from the USA. Born and raised in Philly! His client list includes Google, Gucci, STARZ, Adobe, Nike, Audi, & Air Jordan to name a few. He also has created visuals for musical artists such as Skrillex, Amon Tobin, Drake, Scott Storch, Carnage & Diplo. His personal work is known for having a wide range of imagery through his various “Series” Collections that he has created for over 9 straight years.


Edition 1 of 1
Nostalgia, history, innovation, technology. This is “Rewind”. “Rewind” is a look into an alternative universe. Its underlying message focuses on innovation or the failure to innovate. “Rewind” is the sequel piece to “Repeat or Learn”. In that piece, 
part one, we were outside the store near the street looking up at the sign. For “Rewind”, the sequel piece, 
we are now inside the store. Created in full 8k resolution, each model and texture was carefully designed to 
uphold the highest level of detail. The collector of “Rewind” will also receive a set of custom physical tokens 
as well as access to their own private web page with exclusive content only available to the owner and creator. 
Please visit: brilly.gallery/rewind-drop for all information about this drop.

Italian-born but Tokyo-based, RubenFro is a director and VFX artist, specializing in volumetric captures, particle-based dynamic environments, and art installations. Worked on VFX and music videos for A$AP Ferg, Pussy Riot, McLaren, ASUS, Acronym and Deathpact. He enjoys traveling around the world, composing music, and doing fine-art photography.

Dissolving Realities – HANOI 1

Edition 1 of 1
In January 2020 I was in Hanoi,
Vietnam, capturing the tiny alleys and
chaotic life with 360 cameras and
videogrammetry techniques. This is
one of those slices of daily life I
recorded. A hectic morning,
wandering through those streets,
stopping briefly for a quick bowl of
pho before exploring the city. A single
moment frozen in time, captured in
3D volumetric data and rendered with
a real-time engine and custom
shaders. Real-time VFX and sound
design by RubenFro

Stellar pixel artist Oliver Timperley holds a degree in animation and works out of the UK. With an affinity for vivid, surreal, immersive environments, expressive characters and conceptual creations.

“Ape Hours”

Edition 1 of 1
Artwork featured in the Rolling Stone
x Bored Ape Yacht Club Limited
Edition Zine.

Nir Arieli began his career as a military photographer, before receiving a scholarship for BFA at New York’s School of Visual Arts. His works have been exhibited in solo and group shows in NYC & around the world, and have appeared in The NY Times, The HuffPost, and The Daily Telegraph. Nir has given talks at FIT, SVA and ICP, and several photo clubs for which he was a competition judge. Estée Lauder, The Juilliard School, Alvin Ailey and BBR Saatchi & Saatchi are a few of his clients.

Floor Dancing #A1

Edition 1 of 1
This is the first piece of a choreographic stop motion GIF series performed by male dancers. Group A of this 
series is all taken on a painting’s studio floor. The floor, exposing traces and footprints of the artist’s 
work, shows a history of creative usage, much like the dancer’s body. Their bodies, being used and abused, are both a 
collection of injuries, and a presentation of virtuosic abilities and beauty at the same time. By covering some of 
the dancer’s feet and hands in body paint, they mimic the surface of the floor. The stained concrete serves as a 
metaphor for the relationship they have with their bodies. Part of Nir Arieli’s first NFT series.

3D Designer // Animator I create artwork with a love for world building through details.


Edition 1 of 1
The main dock of TCS CYGNUS
captures the spirit-grit of its
inhabitants. To reduce the likelihood
of theft, this is the station where
Terran rarities —like sea salt and
vanilla — are sent. Cargo crews think:
“the Station looks rough, the bay crew
looks rough, nobody wants trouble
here.” But there’s nothing quite like
approaching CYGNUS — gently
drifting alongside scouting emissaries,
shipping vessels, and maintenance
crews, while admiring the human

My Name is Hillel I am an Artist from New Jersey, US. I see myself as a person with a keen interest in the creative mind I work in many mediums and genuinely believe that the act of experimentation is, in itself, a treasure chest of ideas.. I see the process of exploration as a current that carries an artist towards creating something of substance ????????????

“Reality Checks”

Edition 1 of 1
This is my Super Rare Genesis. This
began as a sketch at a moment of self
critique. but has taken a trip into the
badlands of associations. I see it as a
self portrait, but like everything else in
life, there is more to it when you zoom

Born and raised in Italy, Marco Grassi is a self-taught, award-winning photographer focused on landscape photography as well as an avid adventurer and experienced photo educator. He’s traveled the world extensively to capture the beauty around him, in search of adventure, driven by his interest in unique landscapes and remote destinations. His pictures, evoke a sense of mightiness and highlight the power behind everything that surrounds us, from giant mountains to vast desert areas.


Edition 1 of 1
SENJA is part of Marco Grassi’s genesis NFT collection “Alive”. The idea behind this series is to create a unique, boundless 
experience within each photo. The recurring elements – the human figure and the natural landscape – are two distinct 
parts that blend together creating an intertwining of subject and object, of author and his audience. A shared 
emotional space where the boundaries between different roles – the individual and nature, reality and representation 
of reality – dissipate to create an experience, which is as authentic for the creator it is for the viewer.  The tiny unidentified person in contrast with the powerful, immense landscape is the element that transports 
you into the picture and makes you part of it: suddenly, you identify with the human figure and feel as if you 
were there, connected with the elements ready to experience an unrepeatable moment in time. If you close 
your eyes long enough, the experience becomes palpable, real.



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