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Jan 14, 2022 Top 10 Picks

11 months ago

The Minotaur was a famous monster in Greek Mythology, the son of Queen Pasiphae of Crete and a white bull. His birth name, Asterion, in ancient Greek means ‘starry one’ and suggests a link with the bull constellation Taurus. He was imprisoned in the labyrinth at Crete by King Minos and fed a yearly sacrificial offering of Athenian youths. Eventually, the Minotaur was slain by the Athenian prince Theseus with the help of the KIng’s daughter Ariadne. Digital painting, 4954 x 6000 pixels.

Chasing Waterfalls.
3300x5138px Dream big. Chase your dreams, you might just reach them. Enjoy the ride no matter the outcome, anything can happen along the way, take risks. Hustle, focus on your craft, create for yourself. Ignore the noise and be patient. Believe. Chasing Waterfalls is the epitome of my career as an artist so far. In 2011, I stepped away from my agency job as a graphic designer to start my own freelance design business – a big risk, but one I needed to take to spread my wings and grow creatively. A leap of faith, the right decision. Fast forward 6 years, I turned my focus towards photography, discovering my love for aerial photography and the ocean – finding a whole new perspective of the world. I took my experience as a designer and applied it to my photography, developing my own unique style along the way. A new journey and dream to chase. Appeared in: * Eyes over the World – The Most Spectacular Drone Photography.Book by Dirk Dallas, (2020). * Ocean Film Tour 7 (2019).

Living in or visiting NYC, you learn pretty quickly that the whole city moves to its own beat. The flow of foot-traffic sucks you in and channels you to your destination. There are few day-to-day moments where you actually have some breathing space to break step. It’s only when you change your perspective, in this case vertically by 6,500 feet, you get to truly have a “No Step” moment. With the wind blowing through the cockpit, you get a moment to sit back and take it all in. When you see the city from above, you get to witness how much the concrete canyons resemble arteries and veins. The people of the city are the bloodstream, stepping their way through their daily lives in order to keep the City’s heart pumping. It’s in these moments you get to appreciate how special each day in this metropolis really is.

“The Whale’s Mouth” is the first piece in my “Atmøs” NFT collection. This is a series celebrating the elements in full flow. How small we all are in comparison. I love nothing more than capturing their unrestrained might at work. This particular piece depicts a rare “Whale’s Mouth” cloud formation/thunderstorm that threw lightning bolts, fierce winds, tornadoes, and hailstones the size of tennis balls across the East Coast of the US in 2018. One of nature’s most alarming and astonishing phenomena, the shelf cloud looming over Manhattan, is often referred to as a ‘whale’s mouth’ since the dark and ribbed formations give the impression of being consumed by a giant whale. Regarded as one of the most severe weather events on record to pass through the Hudson Valley, I wanted this NFT to expand on the story depicted in the image. Using the token itself as a canvas, I have inscribed details associated with the storm (pooled from news & area weather reports from the area) into the metadata. This link that NFT’s provide, a blend between art and technology, forms a unique record of a rare atmospheric event now immortalised on the blockchain.

Acrylic paint on canvas. Created in partnership with the Based Fish Mafia project. An exclusive prize for winning their 2022 meme competition.

Floating over the exuberant bathhouse interior, the pool teems with leaders drunkenly splashing each other as the scene narrows on a regal princess fanning her ghoulish face with a gargantuan pig feast behind her on the table before before zooming in completely on the jeweled center of her chest. Inspired by ancient mythology, modern myth, and contemporary celebrity culture, “The Bacchanalian Ones” compares the historical myth with a satirical mash-up of the powerful self-absorbed who preen and wallow in a banal spectacle of their own creation. In a fantastically opulent setting of unrestrained hedonism, political, religious, and military leaders with ghoulish, bouffonesque appearances are surrounded by social elite sycophants like the devotees of the cults of Bacchus and Dionysus. Solmi’s phantasmagoric world of whirling space, jerking movement, and oscillating facades that strive to overwhelm the viewer’s visual field is pushed to extremes in a new interactive Virtual Reality installation. Edition 1/1

Five years ago I left the city to come here and live in the countrysides. “It’s way better”, they said – “You can live a quiet life with your kid”. The thing is, problems will always find a way to reach you. It doesn’t matter where you are.



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