“Justus, The Jumping Cat”

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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.
2 years ago

Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

post psychedelic digital aux otherness aka space case aka colincirca

“A Magnificent Waste Of Time ( Come To Bed )”

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internet research : A widely
accepted and quoted statistic (lots of
self help blogs and search engine
question results) is that the average
modern human will spend 90,000+
hours working in their lifetime or 1/3 of
their adult existence. This is based on
the 8 hour work day, 5 day work week.
It seems another generally stated
and accepted statistic (some
randoms talking on message boards)
is that the average working artist
tends to pull 10 hr + days and a 6-7
day work week. digital painting |

I create cyberpunk worlds from my photos.

Shinjuku Station

Edition 1 of 1
When I arrived in Shinjuku, I was
blasted with neon lights and giant
screens. With the bright light and
chaotic sound, my senses are
overwhelmed. But, once I get used to
it, I start to enjoy it, even crave it. I
took this photo in Tokyo in 2009.
Hyperreality effects added in 2022

Koekkoek is a photographer best known for his viral animal art series. It’s Nice That called him “the art world’s Dr Doolitle”. Press: The New York Times, CNN, Financial Times, Times, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Esquire, Financial Times, Vanity Fair, Wallpaper, Zeit Magazin. Exhibitions: group and solo shows throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

“Justus, The Jumping Cat”

Edition 1 of 1
This is Justus, the cover-boy from
 Koekkoek’s genesis animal art project
 “Jumping Cats”. It’s a unique work that
 paved the way for the artist’s future career.
“Jumping Cats” went viral, and it was
 covered all over the web and in worldwide
 media. It was first released as a calendar 
with 13 photographs. 

Slated for exhibition both in the Louvre and Milan in 2022, Eirdís Ragnarsdóttir makes her NFT debut on SuperRare. C-Heads Magazine featured artist, Burton ambassador, and multidisciplinary creative, Eirdís predominantly partakes in surrealist expressionism via the oil medium.


Edition 1 of 1
I am not I and I am not you. Laughter
sounds different when my lips are
braced shut. The concept of “I” stuck
in my throat while I wash in your peel.
Surrounded. Stranger beneath
stranger ceilings. Mourning past as
comfort. Remembering then wasn’t
safe either. Remembering memory as
a synonym for home. Detached,
clenched, hovering within the shell of
my forehead – spiralling into colours –
making sense of it all. Oil on canvas |
100 x 100cm | 2019

Swedish Artist / Digital spray painter based in Barcelona. I painted portraits of my dog in the 80s, started to paint graffiti in the 90s, studied Art and graphic design in the 00s. Currently I am doing Digital Paintings and animations, both personal work and client commissions.

The Original Files

Edition 1 of 1
My first digitally hand drawn frame by 
frame animation. File: mp4 Length: 19 sec 
Size: 2000 x 2000 px Year: 2021. Set in the 
far future, a wolf-mutant is on the quest for a 
disc containing the original PSD files of
 a digital artwork made thousands of years 
ago. This animation is based on an illustration
 from my retro futuristic series “Style Files
 – the quest for the original disc” made in 2015.
It’s about the authenticity of digital artworks
 and the romantic pleasure of imagining that
 your work will be an important piece of
 history when we’re all gone. When I first came
 up with this story I thought that the most
 authentic way to make and store a digital
 artwork piece would be (in my case) to
 put the original PSD files in a hand signed CD.
Now since the problem of authenticity for
 digital art is solved with the blockchain i 
think it’s very suitable to make this animation
 my first NFT on Super Rare. The collector of 
this NFT will also receive a hand signed CD
 containing the original files.

Photographer & Director, based between London & Los Angeles. His work focuses on creating a hyperreal universe that challenges identity and sexuality; and has worked with clients & Publications such as K-Swiss, NME, Rolling Stone, i-D, Vogue, ITP Media Group & more.


Edition 1 of 1
An image… or perhaps a cursed image? 
V’JIXUS, Also known as ‘The Trickster’. 
Once summoned, this demon is found 
living in the shadowy depths of ‘Death 
Valley’. With nails as sharp as obsidian 
glass, and teeth made of pure gold… 
I wouldn’t want to become this creatures prey.
A piece from this series featuring Noel 
Garcia, was featured in the #132 THE 
(PARA)NORMAL ISSUE of Glamcult Magazine –
– this image itself is one of my all time 
favorite pieces i’ve created. This work 
really shows the initial universe i’ve 
began to create. Dimensions: 3840 × 5760px.

Turning makeup into fine art. Recently featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaa, in NY Times, Numéro Magazine, Tush Magazine, Paper Magazine, Dazed Beauty and Them.

“Absolute Divinity”

Edition 1 of 1
Standing at the foot of a canyon I am transformed 
into my final form. I am a celestial, divine being 
commanding the attention of the universe. As a 
makeup artist I aspire to not compliment but to
 completely transform. Over the course of eight
 hours I altered my hair, face and skin by hand to
 become one with the ephemeral beauty of a
 desert sunset. The colors of my makeup were 
individually created to complement this fleeting
 moment and were applied by hand. Even though
 the makeup eventually washed off my body and
 the sun swiftly tucked away, this moment is now
 immortalized. In this work I am glorious, I am 
divine. Captured by Nathan Sweet on a Canon 
SureShot 35mm


“Let’s Meet Again Someday”

Edition 1 of 1
Photographed on Vancouver Island in
2019, dive deep into the prismatic
colours and glistening water.

Victoria West is an activist, story teller and a master of photographic arts who’s work is inspired by what she cares most deeply about. With a painterly style, she lights, composes, shoots and edits all her work. Victoria has been a member of Team Canada in the World Photographic Cup 3 years in a row, and made history by being awarded the title of Portrait Photographer of the Year, for the last 3 consecutive years, by the Professional Photographers of Canada.


Edition 1 of 1
April 8th, 2019, I stood on The World Photographic 
Cup podium in Draamen, Norway, next to legend 
photographers, and had a Bronze Medal placed around
 my neck for this image, Exsanguinate. It was a high
 that I wasn’t capable of feeling; 2 days before, I was
 told my mother had cancer. That trip was life changing,
 both professionally and personally, and this image
 represents that line in the sand, the before and the
 after, a beginning and an end. Exsanguinate: Latin, drain
 of blood. Inspired and modeled after the famous
 master painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau,
 Dante and Virgil, this photographic artwork was
 created using only one model, photographed in 21
 different positions, and meticulously pieced together
 in Photoshop.

A fusion of my photography with my digital matte painting and 3D skills – my work is a peek into my obsession with Magical Realism. Ranked amongst 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide 17-18 & 21-22 by Lürzer’s Archive. Clients include Govt. of India, Govt. of Israel, Govt. of UAE, Microsoft, Amazon, Nat Geo, Discovery, Nokia, LG, Turkish Airlines, Oman Air, Penguin Group, Telegraph, BBC, & more across 25+ countries.

“Incredible India – Rishikesh”

Edition 1 of 1
Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in 
northern India, it is known as the ‘Yoga Capital
 of the World’. A pilgrimage town regarded as
 one of the holiest places for Hindus, visited by
 Hindu sages and saints since ancient times to
 meditate in search of higher knowledge. Adorned
 by India’s holiest river Ganga (Ganges), the city is 
visited by Hindus from all around the world to 
worship this sacred river, cleanse their sins by 
bathing in its waters, and pay homage 
to their ancestors and their gods. In 1968, The 
Beatles visited a monastery in this holy town
 to learn Transcendental Meditation. The songs
 composed during their time at the monastery
 appeared on the band’s self-titled album known
 as the ‘White Album’. The monastery is now
 known as The Beatles Ashram. The first city 
in India to be given the title of the ‘National Heritage
 City’. This, is Rishikesh.



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