“Magic Mind: Synesthesia”

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ideas r the currency.

Xero Alley

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Everlasting dream reality… Mad Dog
Jones b. 1985 Xero Alley 2022 Audio
by La+ch Sound Design by David

Justin is an established storm chaser and photographer who comes from the southeast of the United States. As a traveling healthcare professional, his time in the operating room has taught him the patience required when it comes to forecasting and chasing severe weather. His signature moody editing style is easily distinguishable. He hopes to leave a long-lasting legacy by evoking emotions within the viewers of his work, thus building intimate connections between the artist and viewer.


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There comes a time in everyone’s life where an unexpected road will lead us on a beautiful journey. For me, this journey began on remote County Road 4 in Nebraska in 2018. 
I’ll never forget stepping out of the car and feeling the muggy summer heat against my skin.
 As the wind hurriedly blew across the corn laden landscape, I stepped into the road and laid eyes upon this multilayered supercell. 
Rising at over 50,000 feet, I gazed in awe at the sheer beauty of Mother Nature as this storm churned and twisted in the sky towards me. 
It was at this moment I felt as though a mere speck of sand upon this vast sphere of dust and water called Earth. 
“Tempest” was the first structured supercell I ever saw and kickstarted an unexpected passionate journey into storm chasing and storm photography. 
Most roads are meant to carry us from point A to point B. 
The road and storm you’re staring at in this piece has taken me on a road trip where the destination is unknown, but the journey itself is filled with the rawest connections to Mother Nature.

Super Rare is the home of my most treasured and personal images, each holding sentimental meaning to me. It will be the only platform i’ll be sharing a full mix of my artistic styles. Portrait, Wave, Landscape. I’m an award winning Photographer & photoshop artist from Busselton Western Australia join me and explore some of the most powerful waves on earth.

“The Dark Side”

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Personal trauma can be something that defines us or destroys us. I count myself lucky to have gone through a traumatic time in my life when I was 20. 
It was at this age I underwent a type of chemo to treat a chronic illness I had, this round of chemo lasted six months and almost ended my life. 
The adverse reaction I had to the medication sent me to a place of pure darkness in my own mind where I truly got to understand the mental resilience we all hold deep within us. 
Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, anorexia, insomnia, depression and uncontrollable rage is the state in which lived for the duration of the chemo, all side effects of the drugs I was prescribed. 
It is with the memory of this that I created this piece to shine a little light on that darkness and pay tribute to those who are fighting their own battle, one of which being Kerby Brown pictured in this image. 
Kerby is one of Australia’s top big wave surfers and recently suffered a horrific injury breaking his back in six places while surfing a very remote big wave. 
I will be donating one third of the profits from the first sale of this piece to the Brown”s family to help in his recovery. 
Ill leave you now with a quote from Kerby and encourage you to always remember that no matter how dark it gets there is always hope for recovery…… Kerby Brown – 
“ having recently gone through a life changing injury my perspective on this has shifted. 
It made me realise more than ever just how precious life is and how lucky I am. 
The power of mother nature is undeniable, one thing that will never change is my love and respect for the ocean”

“Wild House”

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Wild House is the nest of a colony of
cats. They live free from the chains of
an unfair government, they have their
government. They have their own
freedom too, their most precious

3D Artist from Prague, Czech Republic.


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Feel free to sit down.

Digital artist based in Barcelona. Creates dreamy and psychedelic images. He has worked for bands like Weezer, Tame Impala and Twin Shadow. (lacabezaenlasnubes is spanish for “head in the clouds”) “There are other worlds, but they are in this one”

“Magic Mind: Synesthesia”

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Synesthesia is the first piece of the
“Magic mind” series. A personal
tribute to the human psyche: a real
box of magic tricks, the most complex
system in the universe.

I’m a Cambodian refugee and my art is largely inspired by life, death, sex and psychedelics as well as the experiences of my family, who are survivors of the Cambodian “Killing Fields” genocide.


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You are what I desire.

JT is a street photographer from NYC who loves to tell visual stories and capture unique moments in the city.

“Reveal Yourself”

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Some of the best times to be out shooting is in the rain. That’s when I feel I thrive the most.
From moodiness to the unique characters walking through the streets, it is all so captivating. Scenes like “Reveal Yourself” happen fast and I saw it unfolding from afar.
I quickly moved in line to be able to grab the photo. I love how the man’s face is half covered from the umbrella to try and hide his face,
yet he is still revealed from the reflection.
After pressing the shutter and quickly looking on the back screen of my camera before moving on into the night looking for my next scene to tell – I
knew I had something special.
‘Reveal Yourself” is a reflection on myself and how being an artist is the true path that I belong on. Photography found me and with that I found the artist within myself.


“Strawberry Sorbet”

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A soft scent of sweetness fills the air
as the sun disappears behind the
turquoise waves.

Gabriel Dean Roberts is a fine art and portrait photographer in NYC.He is a veteran photographer for Vogue Italia and has his Master of Interdisciplinary Arts from the University of Washington


Edition 1 of 1
The tale of Narcissus serves as a
warning against the dangers of
unbridled vanity, and has been an
inspiration to classical artists over the
centuries. Gabriel draws upon this
story with reference to Caravaggio’s
work, while offering cues from a
contemporary perspective. Shot in
Gabriel’s NYC studio on a Leica TL2
and Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens Model:
Anthony Martinez 1 of 1 AR feature
included gabrieldeanroberts.com



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