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Feb 10, 2022 Top 10 Picks

An Rong
10 months ago

Flat Rate

Connected to the Source Energy, but Earth is the forgotten beauty. Feeling your body, then suddenly the physical world doesn’t exist anymore. Moon transcending ice. Mother Nature whispers ‘’I see You, do you see Me?’’. In a world where nothing lasts forever, who is the passenger, who is the vessel?

9.14mb 4000 x 6000

In the last few rows of a bus, four passengers look on at a couple engaging in a public display of their adoration. All passengers are in varying states of self-determined sexual orientation and/or gender. The mood in that part of the bus is filled with warmth, with memory and wistfulness and youthful curiosity about what is possible. This piece was created using mainly the oil paint brush in MS Paint 3D, a software I fell in love with because of its accessibility, vibrancy, and texture. All of my work is informed by my reverence for Black queer and trans people. This piece is a study of a form of Black queer and trans intimacy.

When you consider the world, as an explorer, New York stands out as an iconic city. And when you consider New York, the Chrysler building stands out as one of the most iconic landmarks. Perhaps only rivaled by the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower or the Statue of Liberty. Holy grails for urban explorers, instantly recognizable in the skyline. The Chrysler Building was briefly the tallest in the world at 1,046ft (318.8 metres) upon its completion in November 1929. As a last minute trick to beat the Woolworth building as the worlds tallest in “the race to the sky” the building was topped off with a 180ft (55 metre) spire. The spire was hoisted to the top of the building’s dome and lowered into the 66th floor of the building in only 90 minutes. The spire has no pegs or outside structure for climbing, it requires ropes and harnesses to reach the top. We instead set our mission towards the iconic eagles just below the top. Reaching them was no easy feat. We had to return to the building multiple times to find the moment in time where we could accomplish our mission. When we finally reached the south facing eagles there was a sense of wonder and urgency. Me and my climbing partner step out on the heads of one eagle each. We alternative between shooting photos in one moment and looking around us amazement uttering “wow unreal we are really here” in the next moment. We make sure we have some good photos and we make haste to leave. As we do so we run into a problem and we were extremely challenged to get out in one piece. I will let the details of why be known only to the collector of this piece. There is extensive behind the scene footage documenting what it took to accomplish this mission, which can not be shared publicly but the collector of this NFT will be privy to this. Collector will get one exclusive airdrop piece as free nft.

The Master Leonardo DaVinci said “Study the science of art, study the art of science, develop your senses, especially learn how to see. Realize everything connects to everything else.” And so, Sacred Geometry II is an amalgamation of research I have been diving into: mainly the principles of framing, relief sculpture, palettes of the painting masters, and symbology. The pages of history are filled with nourishing elements that we can extract and use to inspire us in the now. We need only open our eyes, our minds & our hearts.

As this leviathan awoke north of Littlefield, Texas, I was awestruck watching it churn and swirl across the horizon. Dusk soon beckoned and the sun’s final light set the structure ablaze as a solitary lightning bolt collided with the plains below. Chasing a low precipitation supercell often feels like pursuing a mythical creature. They can never be truly caught; instead, their likeness is a moment in time suspended by the click of a camera shutter.

Ethereal bouquet of transparent and blue Hydrangeas. This artwork was featured on Vogue Singapore’s 2022 Jan/Feb digital cover as a part of Ikuta’s calendar collection, “12 Months of Afterlife”. With the purchase of each NFT, collectors will also receive a physical signed copy of the Vogue Singapore x Luna Ikuta calendar. To collect your limited edition prints, contact [email protected]

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