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Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.
10 months ago

Weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

Martina is an independent Designer and Art Director based between the UK and Austria. Her work has established a unique style which focuses on minimalistic shapes fused with strong concepts. She has collaborated with brands such as Apple, Google, Nike, Squarespace, Microsoft and Logitech.

“Essence of Space”
Edition 1 of 1
What if expressive visual characteristics are reduced to the core? “Essence of Space” is an abstract visual exploration of the identity of things and their connections. 

Kori Burkhardt is an underwater photographer, expedition leader, & shark biologist based in French Polynesia. Capturing the ocean’s apex predator by completely immersing with them, her goal is to show sharks in a beautiful, yet still powerful, perspective. As co-founder of conservation and research organization Mao Mana Foundation, her mission commits to protecting sharks. Featured on National Geographic and Discovery Channel for her work with sharks since 2014 (previously under Kori Garza).

“Critically Rare”
Edition 1 of 1
1/1 edition NFT with 100% profit going to research and conservation of the oceanic white tip shark in French Polynesia. 
The collector of this piece directly contributes one Wildlife Computer satellite tag, one year of CLS satellite access fees, and deployment costs through the matched reserve price. 
Collector benefits: honor of naming the tagged shark certificate of adoption behind the scenes deployment footage tracking 
updates on the shark (up to one year). The preservation of the oceanic white tip shark, referred to as the ‘parata’ in Tahitian, is not only important for the ecosystem but also for preservation of Tahitian culture. 
The parata are a powerful ‘taura’ (ancestral connection guardian animal) as well as a deeply rooted part of legend. 
This name is in relation to the fierce warriors from Anaa atoll in the Tuamotu islands, known for their ferocity and embodiment of the parata shark. 
Even Jacques Cousteau referred to this shark as “the most dangerous fish in the sea”. This piece, “Critically Rare”, is a moment spent face to face with this infamous species in the Tahitian open ocean. 
With hooks in each corner of the jaw, this was not the shark’s first encounter with a human. Accompanied by a pilot fish, the shark instantly directly approached me head on. 
Important to note: this is NOT a baited encounter. 
Observation of this rare, open ocean roaming species is by pure chance while in search of humpback whales. 
This image is my best capture from six years and thousands of hours on the water as an expedition leader. 
Understanding how these rare sharks utilize French Polynesian waters to promote positive human-shark coexistence is the primary goal of Project Parata. 
In order to do that, satellite tags will be deployed to track shark movement. 
The satellite tag allows for real-time tracking of the shark’s location for up to one year. 
This data provides insight on any migratory routes, critical “hotspots”, and residency rates exhibited by the species. 
This is the first study of its kind in this region, 
providing groundbreaking insight to the critically endangered 
oceanic white tip that can help increase conservation efforts. I want collectors to feel they are not only gaining beautiful art, 
but making a difference by doing so. 
Which is why I have included the additional collector bonuses for this piece! 
A way to make a difference and directly get involved in the project they support. 
*Due to the ever changing value of ETH, 
this piece has been priced to account for fluctuation. 
Any excess profit acquired after covering the costs of one 
Wildlife Computers satellite tag ($1700), 
one year of CLS satellite access fees ($1,020), and deployment fuel/logistics costs ($250) will go directly to Mao Mana Foundation’s “Project Parata” 
efforts focused on community outreach (shark education and conservation presentations in local schools), 
responsible ecotourism initiatives 
(preventative safety, trauma response, and sustainable shark interaction training for whale tour operators), shark protection enforcement (monitoring of sanctuary environmental code), and fishermen-led science programs (photo-identification database for population surveying). Kori Burkhardt is an underwater photographer, expedition leader, 
& shark biologist based in French Polynesia. Capturing the ocean’s apex predator by completely immersing with them, her goal is to show sharks in a beautiful, yet still powerful, perspective. As co-founder of conservation and research organization Mao Mana Foundation, her mission commits to protecting sharks.

Filmmaker, Animator & Artist from Canada, living in Taipei, Taiwan. Writer/Director of: THE SADNESS (2021)

Edition 1 of 1
Rob Jabbaz – 2022

18 | Youth Travel Photographer of the Year –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Ben Skaar is an 18 year old digital creative and photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. He strives to convey emotion and awe through his art inspired by our beautiful world.

“Road to Hana”
Edition 1 of 1
20°49’18.0″N 156°08’16.9″W Winding its way along Maui’s rugged coastline, the Road to Hana is an exhilarating drive of hairpin turns and steep roadside cliffs. As you make your way from Kahului to Hana you will be met with over 600 turns and 59 bridges, often so narrow that only 1 car can pass at a time. On this day, my family and I set out early in the morning with a goal of making it to Hana before noon. Rain was forecasted to be present throughout most of the morning, but we were hoping to luck out with a few pockets of sunshine where I could launch my drone. It soon became apparent that our goal would be a little ambitious! Every turn seemed to reveal another natural wonder, and it was difficult not to stop and appreciate all the trails, waterfalls, and viewpoints along the route. About halfway into the trip we crossed over the West Wailua Iki Stream, one of the many outlets flowing down from the peak of Hanakauhi. The coordinates at the top of this description pinpoint the exact place I am standing within the video; a semi-sturdy bridge above the taller of the two Wailua Iki falls. It was here, that my vision came to life. ~ “Road to Hana” is the genesis piece in my “Cinema in the Sky” series, a body of work dedicated to iconic moments from throughout my travels and showcasing the beautiful corners of this planet from above ???? Music and Sound Design by Clemens Ruh (Due to the 50 mb file size limit of SR, the full 4K 300 mb file will be delivered to the collector on a separate file hosting platform) 

Sen was here.

“????ℎ????????????, ????ℎ????????????” Gazing upon it, she
dotes on its monstrosity and its
vulnerability. From Seneca’s genesis

London | Nikon Z Ambassador | Photographer | EPOTY 2021 Judge | Urban Architecture Street

Edition 1 of 1
Situated in the belly of Kings Cross,
London, the night of the world slowly
beckons on the famous ‘St Pancras
Renaissance Hotel’. Famous for
hosting films such as the ‘Dark Knight
Rises’ and ‘Spice Girls’ music video.
The floury of the traffic ignites the
streets and sets them on fire. This
piece was taken on my 38th birthday
and wasn’t planned in anyway which
makes it even more rare. The name
‘Resurrection’ comes from ‘Rebirth’
which is the same meaning a
‘Renaissance’ the Hotel. One of my all
time drone masterpieces. Enjoy.

Badiucao is an exiled Chinese dissident artist based in Australia whose work has taken on a wide variety of forms, including political cartoons, installations, street art, and performances. The first NFT project from Chinese dissident artist Badiucao, the Beijing 2022 Collection, is an NFT and poster campaign that brings attention to China’s human rights violations:

Edition 1 of 1
The Beijing 2022 Collection, the first NFT project from Chinese dissident artist Badiucao, is a series of political works protesting China’s human rights abuses and the role of the Olympics in legitimizing the authoritarian government. 
In this work, the artist depicts the iconic image of the Tank Man from the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacres. 
On June 4, 1989 Chinese troops began violently cracking down on the pro-democracy student protestors who had gathered for one of the largest peaceful democracy protests in China’s history. 
This image of a young Chinese man, standing in anger and determination in front of a column of tanks quickly became a symbol of defiance for protesters around the world. 
10% of proceeds will be donated to the Art in Protest residency program, a joint collaboration between the Human Rights Foundation and Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. 
Learn more at 

My work is a reflection of our innermost desires, fantasies, and dreams. These large-scale, experimental collages are sourced from a variety of magazine cutouts throughout the decades and are composed both digitally and by hand. The imagery—inspired by retrofuturism, psychedelia, brutalist architecture, and vintage fashion—envisions possible dimensions for a harmonious, matriarchal future. The result is a visual paradise in which one can escape and reimagine one’s self.

Edition 1 of 1
Opal is the first in my Divine Feminine
collection, imagining a visual paradise
where one can reimagine oneself. The
divine feminine is a spiritual concept
and counterpart to patriarchal
structures. Like the titular birthstone
that contains harmonious colors
colliding at once, this series combines
elements of architecture and futurism
to realign narratives surrounding how
women are perceived and present
themselves. This experimental digital
collage animation contains scanned
imagery from vintage magazines.
3000x3000px MP4

Oh, my bad, enjoy your flight.

“Mammalian Diving Reflex”
Edition 1 of 1
Digital Painting. 4000 x 4000 PNG,
38.4 MB (2022). Full resolution JPEG
and TIFF files available on request.

The Skie graphic Studio project was born in 2007, in Rome. I am focused on dystopian environments, futuristic but crumbling cities.

Edition 1 of 1
333. The combination to enter this
world. Is this world decadent or is it
simply happiness? Some very
unusual things are happening. Old
loves return, loved ones appear to be



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