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Guest Curator Series: Marilyn Hue

A list of amazing works selected by some of our favorite artists, collectors, and curators

May 2, 2022 Curators' Choice

2 years ago

Marilyn Hue is known the world over as one of the best-kept secrets in photography. Though that secret isn’t so tight-lipped, as she’s appeared in countless high fashion magazines, editorials, and blogs. Marilyn also took home the gold in Hulu’s first season of Exposure.

Not only is Marilyn’s sense for fashion on a level all its own, her eye for art is similarly unmatched. It seemed obvious to have her put together the next Guest Curator series. Check below and you’ll see why she’s in a caliber of her own.

It amazes me that street photographers can turn the mundane into stills from movies. This photo has all the right elements aligned perfectly. Almost feels like a rendered moment, but Last Suspect captured it in-camera and added his signature cinematic colors to make the scene come to life.

Being raised a Buddhist, this photograph really speaks to me. Blowithand’s framing and composition tell a compelling story Tangled cables feel chaotic, but the monk in the center restores my sense of balance. Reminds me that stillness is the only way to counter chaos. 

This ethereal scene is simple yet evokes a lot of emotion. I feel nostalgic for a place I’ve never been with Mia Novakova’s magical use of light, color, and material.

The Crib” by @danguiz

Dan Guiz has mastered cyberpunk environments. He has never-ending details that are executed flawlessly. I’m mesmerized by this piece and wish I could exist in this sci-fi fantasy world.

Gasoline” by @Kaiwan

Minimal and sophisticated. This dramatic thought-provoking piece seamlessly combines 3D and cinematography. Kaiwan cracked the code on the perfect balance between real and surreal.

It’s not easy to establish yourself as a landscape photographer but Johan Lolos’ work undoubtedly stands out. Wherever he is, he immerses himself completely and captures moments that look like paintings.

Sigil” by @seanmundy

This piece by Sean Mundy has been on my mood board for years. His conceptual masterpiece also includes music that he composed. It is inspiring to see his process, and I’m extremely impressed with his composite skills.

I wish I thought of Synchrodog’s “Nature Twins” series. A beautiful set of photos illustrating human personality in nature. Tasteful and simply fantastic.

Anita Sadowska’s work embodies power through the female form. Her muse is captured angelically and the galaxy makes me feel like she’s boundless. This photo really takes nude photography to a new level.

You can tell Israel Riqueros is a Director by his photography. The way in which he manipulates light and dark colors tells a story as strong as his concepts.



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