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Your weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

May 11, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

7 months ago
Your weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.

⁣Icon Art 🗝 2021 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Finalist

Edition 1 of 1
Magic is the practice of manipulating natural or supernatural forces through the use of beliefs or actions. When it comes to religion and science, it’s common to think of them as separate from magic. During this process, I frequently lost track of time and I kept going back to the second verse of the Emerald Tablet. As I read the lines, I stopped for a moment to wonder about my perception of reality in the universe and if there is another me somewhere in a lost dimension thinking the same. As above, so below.
Hi, I’m Léa, a creative director and motion designer, working in Paris. After my studies in design and applied arts, I graduated from the Gobelins school and started my career as a freelancer. See u!

Edition 1 of 1
This artwork is the #05 of the Women In Motion Collection and is paired with a physical token: a unique display case. Curated by Motion Plus Design.  For more info, click on the link below: https://www.motion-plus-design.com/nft/collection-new/0#5 | 
ARTWORK DESCRIPTION > Life is in perpetual motion, made up of intertwined cycles and successive emotions.  This great dance can sometimes seem difficult to follow. So why not just enjoy the show? | WOMEN IN MOTION COLLECTION > 
20 female artists, 20 unique artworks, each paired with 1 unique Motion Plus Design display case. | 
THE PHYSICAL TOKEN > The first buyer will receive the Motion Plus Design display case (24x32x7,5 cm / 9,4×12,5×3 inches), 
entirely handmade in Paris (France) by local printers and craftsmen which makes it a unique piece.  Inside, there is a unique vertical screen (13,5×21,5 cm / 5,3×8,4 inches) displaying the NFT in loop (no sound) that can be detached, hung on a wall or exposed thanks to an easel, a booklet presenting the artist and her artwork, a metallic laser engraved certificate of authenticity and a special surprise for the collector. | PHYSICAL TOKEN DELIVERY INFO > The first buyer should contact Motion Plus Design (within the 6 months after the sale) at [email protected] so they can launch the process to identify him/her as the real buyer. 
In the event that the first collector does not claim the physical token within 6 months after the sale, the physical token will revert to Motion Plus Design. 
The delivery time of the case is usually 2/3 weeks from the moment Motion Plus Design got the buyer’s postal address or P.O Box (if the buyer wishes to remain anonymous). 
The case will be sent with a tracking number and shipment against signature. 
Packaging and worldwide delivery costs will be covered by Motion Plus Design. 
WARRANTY > The guarantee of the screen is one year from reception by the collector. 
| NOTES > Even after its purchase, this NFT can be exhibited at any event Motion Plus Design will be involved in. | 
Please discover the Léa Margerie’s unique case (Serial number 2022WIM01628897427425) here: https://www.motion-plus-design.com/nft/collection-new/0#5

Motion graphic creator/artist/art director, focusing on Movie, TV, MV, events, projection mapping, and graphic design. Selected “The 100 Japanese Motion Graphic Creators 2021”. and A judge for “the Adobe 2021 End of Year Creative Contest.”

Edition 1 of 1
This fictional 0th Street gate was inspired by the real gate at 1st Avenue, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. This street and gate is filled with near-future technology, including holographic graphics and mechanical KABUKI actor faces. And it glows brightly and sleeplessly at night, luring visitors in.

American street photographer, drawn to serendipity, contrast & coincidence. Zuma Press contributor, 2x San Francisco Streetfoto finalist. Published: World Street Photography vol. 6

“Mirror Mirror”
Edition 1 of 1
‘Mirror Mirror’ is a candid street photograph that explores the relationship between color & composition while examining the poetic possibilities hidden within our surroundings.  This photograph was a defining moment in my journey as a creative street photographer – A chance encounter with a harmonious arrangement of elements, tied together by rhythmic patterns of red & black woven throughout the frame. 
In the foreground, two mirrors reach skyward as unlikely flowers sprung from the concrete. The mirrors resemble shallow pools, 
reflecting hints of an alternate reality painted on the opposing wall. To the far left, the symbolic shape of a bird rhymes with both the woman’s stride in the center and the frame of the rightmost mirror. 
Between the mirrors, a woman takes her confident step, with triangulated glints of gold from head to toe, seemingly unaware of the role she plays in punctuating the poetry being written around her. For the mindful eye, the street is a playground.

Illustrator and VR artist from Canada.

“Luviere Dire | Incipience”
Edition 1 of 1
My genesis for many reasons. This is
the first creative step in the direction
that I’ve been afraid to go. This is
stage one. “Bravery is needed to
travel to lands unknown. But I am
brave. Well, I may not believe it yet,
but if I say it every day, I will. I have no
choice. I’m finally here”


Illustrator / Digital artist

Edition 1 of 1
Black stones, dark alleys, stiff pillars
erected to reach the crimson sky, the
city of Archedium appeared frozen in
a sea of burning lights. Digital hand
drawn illustration. jpg 7200×10000

Joel Rea is a highly acclaimed and multi award-winning artist known for his surreal, allegorical paintings. Rea’s oil on canvas works stand somewhere between genres of hyperrealism, photorealism and virtuosic Renaissance realism. From this amalgamation of influences, Rea has created a unique and recognisable style portraying social awareness and personal introspection through his impeccable execution of brush work detail

“The Hungry and the Hunted”
Edition 1 of 1
In this high flying interplay of man and
animal, Joel Rea opens our minds to
the aerial quest of the businessman
who travels through sky and clouds
before being engulfed. Rea introduces
us to his own re-invented universe
and takes us on an unexpected
adventure filled with action and
intrigue. Original artwork, oil on
canvas painting. File: 5112 x 7500

Kristina Podobed photographer from Ukraine. She started her photographic journey in 2011, mainly documenting herself and her female friends. Even if your stance on bodies, nakedness and sexuality in photography is free-spirited enough, Kristina’s Podobed photography are there to catch you off-guard, to push you to the boundaries where intimacy and vulgarity suddenly merge to create a rough and honest image. She works individually and as a part of creative collective «Join The Cool» .

“dream palette”
Edition 1 of 1
photo portrait of a girl sitting on a
motorcycle somewhere in Odessa,
Ukraine summer 2020 shot on
120mm film camera

Photographer. Imagery inspired by love, melancholy & black beauty.

“All That You Are.”
Edition 1 of 1
“All that you are” is a visual ode to the
black woman and her everything.

Director / Photographer / Creative director. (b.1992) Creating cinematic imagery that is prominently incited by film, music and the human condition, noted for their dark realism, detailed set design and evocative use of lighting. Client list includes Apple, Sony Music, Burberry, Republic Records, XO, Interscope Records, Marvel, RCA, and Hollywood Records to name a few.

Edition 1 of 1
Inspired by nightmares and insomnia
this photograph happened at a time
my visuals had an extremely dark
tone exploring horror and loneliness,
Heads will roll. Dimensions: 5000 x



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