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Jul 22, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

2 months ago

Cristian Eres is Spanish Fantasy & Sci-Fi Illustrator. His main influences come from European sci-fi and fantasy artists from the 70s.

The Gateway

Edition 1 of 1

The Gateway. Personal work – 2022

Trippin’ in Lost Paradise

The Portrait of the New Humanity

Edition 1 of 1

Humanity starts to collapse and this portrait is the consequence of this collasping. The Human is on the way to decompose himself, step by step…  

Conceptual/Fantasy photographer and Digital artist. Currently exploring AI.

The Fates (Moirai)

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This piece is inspired by the The Moirai or the Fates (Greek: Μοῖραι, “the three”), often known in English as the Norns. Their names are Clotho (spinner), Lachesis (allotter), and Atropos (unturnable). They are usually depicted weaving together the fabric of life. They are said to be impartial and unyielding, but some believe they can be bribed or persuaded to change a person’s fate. These goddesses were SO powerful that even Zeus himself couldn’t override their decisions. This piece was created using different AI tools to render different components and then composited together in Photoshop. The Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic was achieved using post-editing techniques including photobashing and overpainting, as well as color grading. 

Vector Artist Sound Designer

𝑬𝓷₲𝜜𝙜𝕖Ме𝙽𝝉 (𝖶)𝕙𝙾ℜ𝘚𝘦

Edition 1 of 1

“Engagement (W)horse ” is a reflection of countless self-proclaimed “collectors/builders/influencers”, who only exist to feed off of the likes/engagement of the hopeful and ignorant. Underneath it all, they are Garbage.

am visual artist who draws, paints, creates physical and digital art, always learning new ways to express myself, to show my inner world.

Lucid Dream

Edition 1 of 1

Being a dreamer, delving into memories of the past but living in the present. To keep within myself the seed that started this journey. Enjoying every moment. Seeing through other eyes. To fly even if it seems impossible. Transformation, vision of the future, meditation. My body does not move, but my mind flows, elegant, slowly… like the angel fish.

Turning girls into the queens they really are ✦ Artist ✦ Web3 Evangelist ✦ NFT Pioneer in Bulgaria ✦ SR GENESIS DROP

Aatma: Sattva

Edition 1 of 1

The collection explores the inner self as a centrepiece of our consciousness, body, and mind. The soul, our true self or the Aatma is depicted as a golden flower that shows how fragile, delicate and precious our soul is. Every flower is different and unique as we all are. As this is my genesis on SuperRare I wanted to be special. For the past year I’ve been silently experimenting with 3D and animation and I know it was time to make something bigger using those new mediums. Also I wanted to to have a deeper meaning, to be not immediately recognisable and to take time to form and unveil. After some experimentation with different angles, camera rotation and materials, I ended up with an animation that at first looks like an abstract but after a couple of seconds you suddenly recognise. I loved the idea that you don’t immediately grasp what you see and decide convey that to the whole collection. I wanted the artworks to have a centre where other elements form around. The initial concept was a ball of light or energy but later that changed to a flower which represents the fragility of the human soul. The name of the collection forms around this concept. The gold, glass and white materials were something that wasn’t intentional but I ended up with after some lots of experimenting. I knew I wanted the whole work to feel light and positive instead of dark and negative. In the end I love how the end result creates the feeling of something special and valuable, just like a jewellery.

person with camera.  


Edition 1 of 1

The most abstract elements of our lives are still tethered to the natural world from which they’ve evolved. Our most ethereal dreams brew in the electric goo inside our skulls; our collective virtual world propagates in the ever growing web of wire, tower and satellite wrapped around our earth. Tether (definitions): 1. tie (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement. 2. use (a smartphone) in order to connect a computer or other device to the internet. It may seem like to be tethered is to be limited, but connection creates safety, stability and reciprocity. Through thoughtful and reciprocal connections we build strong webs. Through being grounded, our dreams might reach the stars.

digital painter based in Seoul. Born in Seoul Korea.


Edition 1 of 1

Kiss, 2021 I imagine a paradoxical love between resources material and immaterial; the surreal and the real.

Artist and Head of Community at ZORA

Eggz.* (Visualizer) (2017)

Edition 1 of 1

“Because I am the one.” A futurists song of presence. this visual is a depiction of all of me currently and in past and in future. heart work, future work, past work all work in prose, raps, vision and play. brooklyn, around the way me, watered me. utilized for performance backdrops as well as a visualizer. Visual by Jah. 

Chicago based artist and poet aka Kobo888. Creates hand-drawn art focusing on people, emotions and human connection in various mediums. 

Bon Appétit !

Edition 1 of 1

100% hand-drawn with Sharpie permanent markers on 11 ×14″ Strathmore sketch paper Collection: Love Affair Edition: 1/1 Size: 2477 × 3147 Created: July 2022 Genesis on SuperRare


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