Above: The Eyes of the Tiger (Sasha Katz, 2022)

Gucci and SuperRare look ahead to “The Next 100 Years”

Gucci's Vault Art Space, in partnership with SuperRare, exhibits art for the fashion house's future.

Jul 26, 2022 Art

2 years ago

Beginning in 1921 as an artisanal leather and luggage workshop in Florence before expanding into an international fashion house, Gucci’s 100-year history has been defined by transformation as it forever looks to the intersection of culture, fashion, art, music, and film. Today, we find Gucci again on the threshold of making fashion history as it unveils theThe Next 100 Years NFT art exhibit, on display in their virtual gallery created in partnership with SuperRare, Vault Art Space. In the wake of the House’s centennial, under the Creative Direction of Alessandro Michele, and President and Chief Executive Marco Bizzarri, we see Gucci again leaning into cutting-edge technologies that are informed by broader movements in the art world, while also embracing visionary concepts like their presence in the metaverse. 

“The Next 100 Years” exhibition showcases 29 handpicked artists whose work reflects the House’s storied heritage and offers a blueprint for what comes next. Each artwork incorporates a unique perspective on the House’s history, where it is today, and what visions the artists have for it in the future. The work varies from artist to artist. Emerging talents include Alanna Vanacore, Alex Trochut, Alexis Christodoulou, Aliendope, ALIENQUEEN, Aliina Kauranne, An Chen, Antoni Tudisco, Dārta Katrīna, Drew Young, Diberkato, eBoy, Ellen Sheidlin, Ignasi Monreal, Ignorance1, Jordan Schiffer, Kris Andrew Small, loudsqueak, , Merijn Hos & Jurriaan Hos, Paulina Almira, Pet Liger, Sasha Katz, Tim Maxwell, Tyler Spangler, trs.mnz, Trouble Andrew (Gucci Ghost), VEXX, and YEAHYEAHCHLOE.

Infinite Gateway (Tyler Spangler, 2022)

Behind Alessandro Michele’s vision of Gucci, “Vault Art Space” aims to empower emerging talent, infinitely extending the House’s storyline. As Nicolas Oudinot, EVP of New Business at Gucci and CEO of Vault, says, “The House has always had a deep connection with art, especially under Creative Director Alessandro Michele as he pushes the boundaries of the Gucci narrative to include ever-diverse points of view. As we venture further into the Web3 realm, Vault Art Space naturally expresses this facet of Gucci’s heritage in an experimental and contemporary way.” 

 The NFT artwork’s first drop was June 23rd, and will total three drops throughout July. 

GG Quartet (Aliina Kauranne, 2022)

Furthering their dedication to the future of digital art, Gucci has invested in an allocation of SuperRare’s $RARE token, giving them a voice in the governance and direction of the platform. SuperRare envisions the $RARE token as a future “curation token for the internet”, with token holders steering the direction of digital, NFT art. Adding to the list of $RARE token holders a brand so indispensable to the definition of style is a monumental leap forward in that mission.

“The Next 100 Years” is an ongoing exhibition. Check out the artworks on the VAULT Art Gallery here.

Imminent Nostalgia (ALIENQUEEN, 2022)


Rowynn Dumont

Rowynn Dumont is an artist, curator, and writer, based in New York. Co-founder of Black Rainbow Media (NY). She is the Arts Editor for Agora Gallery (NYC) & COOPH Magazine (Austria). Rowynn holds a double Master's Degree and a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work can be seen internationally in Nimbus at Vespertine (Shanghai) and The Fowler Museum (Los Angeles). She has lectured at CAA (DTLA), the Paris School of Art, and The Sexology Institute (San Antonio).



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