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Sep 16, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

3 months ago

David Porte Beckefeld is 3D artist who sculpts his creations within virtual reality. Although futuristic, the intention and outcome is; on the co

Stolen Objects From The Sea (01) (Left)

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Stolen Objects From The Sea (01) (Left) 1 of 1 ‘We bring light what we have to lose, our vital eco- systems of the endangered coral reefs, the show remembers, the works the human hand and French savoir-faire. Wave collection gets swept away from Australian shores, the current leading us deep down under the sea, where the fishes glimmer silver, the seaweed waves and the coral dazzles with its brilliant colour’ David Porte Beckefeld® & Uchronia 2022

living in the shade, listening to the shade.

unexpected merge

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september 15, 2022 one became two.

Nancy Baker Cahill is new media artist who examines systemic power, selfhood, embodied consciousness through drawing shared immersive space. 

Slipstream Times Square

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Slipstream Times Square (2022) was exhibited every night just before midnight in Times Square as part of Times Square Arts’ Midnight Moment program for the entire month of July, 2022. Baker Cahill’s Slipstream series traffics in the eponymous fiction genre’s “familiar strange/strange familiar.” Using the tools of digital simulation, Baker Cahill subjects her graphite drawings to a long odyssey of mutation and transformation to explore the epistemological process of truth making (and destroying). Inspired by pre-cinematic cave painting, drawing, and entangled human and botanical life, these digital animations grapples with the core question of the Ship of Theseus; what, after version upon version, remains of the original? Hi resolution file available on chain upon request at

Abstract-Surrealist, animation Director 

Rorschach Sculpt #1

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Skinless anatomical character shaped in my own image Symbolizes the analysis, the nakedness/honesty authenticity. The changing colors in a looped process are giving the same shape different analogies. Symmetry is the mirror in the sculpture, a mirror on the ground and a mirror in the animation loop. Symmetries are driving the Mind to search for some biological/anthropomorphic analogies. Breathing is a part of the artwork as the Artist/Creator is meditating on the visual process. This collection consist of 10 sculptures The movement recorded in the motion capture studio is implemented on a 3D Sculpted virtual character and I create an imprint of the body on specific frames of the animation. During this process the shapes are transforming into polysemantic abstract artwork. My whole Abstract/Surrealistic art is based on a similar philosophy of the Mind Patterns that was discovered by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach. During the process of creating the artwork, I examine analogies that come to my mind and try to enhance them. Incorporating many associations in one single piece the artwork stays open to further analogies. Meditate on these Artworks to recognize your own Mind patterns. Seamless audiovisual loop, 1920 x 1080 pix. / 27 sec. High quality animation and print files are available for the owners

Work hard to be the best version of yourself, perseverance is the key. Read more in the About section  

The Swing

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Would you please like to be my friend? _______________________________________________________________________________ This piece is part of the “Profiles” series. About the series: Sometimes we just don’t realize that there are real Humans behind social media accounts. In such a fast-changing world, where our digital life seems to gain every day more and more importance than our physical one, we should never forget who we are: Humans. Profiles is a series I’m creating to represent the importance of the individual in the Social network era. Each one of the profiles represents a different person, with different colors, elements, and backgrounds. Let’s make our differences our strengths, rather than our limits. _______________________________________________________________________________ Main medium: Blender Typology: 3D sculpture Resolution: 3375×6000 pixels Size: 8,54 MB File: Jpg  


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Fine Art Photographer. Early Web3 Artist. I Creating Fairy Tales for 15 Years. All my Art is Dedicated to Culture Humanism. 

Supreme Witch

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[Days of witch hunts are over – now witches are hunting us.] Magic is nothing more than art of consciously using invisible means in order to produce real effects. Will, love and imagination are magical powers that everyone possesses; but only this: whoever knows how to develop them can be considered a magician. William Somerset Maugham. (Fine Art Photography. Created in 2022). Princesses, not awakened by a kiss, wake up as witches and run away into the forest.  

am self-taught digital 3D artist residing in New York State. As an artist, am drawn to the subtle intricacies and detail of bio mechanical subjects, as well as photo realistic renderings. As self-taught artist, am frequently exploring various methods of artistic expression 


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A new age as emerged. Art and technology intertwine to tell the stories hidden beyond the gate. Exposure and control at the hands of creators. Acknowledgment is the stepping stone to the ascension of creativity. Analog and digital conceive the path forward melded as one. The first step is taken hand in hand, collectively in a reclaimed landscape. Intrinsic to no one and everyone.

Internet cool guy  


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✨Greetings, SuperRare. I come in peace✨

visual artist, experiment with animation, illustration, 3d and sound. am passionate about drawing people and characters, mostly with exaggerated movements and twisted, “dumb” facial expressions. It allows me to create cynical and absurd world that represents the world we live in from slight childish but honest point of view. 


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2000×2000 pixels.

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