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Oct 14, 2022 New SuperRare Artists

2 years ago

Visual artist creating surreal worlds with photography, video and miniatures.  


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License: Primary NFT holder is free to use in advertising, display privately and in groups, including virtual galleries, documentaries and essays by holder of the NFT, as long as the creator is credited. Provides no rights to create commercial merchandise, commercial distribution, or derivative works. Copyright remains with the creator.  


Niño de Tiananmen

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Legendary Colombian street artist StinkFish presents his first ever NFT. His work centres around the everyday person, capturing moments of life in portraits he transports around the world as a form of cultural exchange that goes from photograph to stencil to finished mural. Exalting the beauty and finding a shared communion in the moments of our collective humanity that elude borders. Niño de Tianamen (2022) is a mural realised in Bogotá, Colombia based upon a photo taken by StinkFish in Tinammen Square (2015) with the help of SuperRare and ArtDAO for the Gitcoin Schelling Point Conference.

maybe it’s time to stop and change your perspective

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we don’t have time to live we don’t have time to think we live and die breathless standing still is like some kind of crime and everybody wants to be the best we run in circles we can’t stop and all the time we’re being watched by that man sitting on a green hill Genesis piece

Harmonic combination of female body forms emphasizing the beauty, power and energy through the body language, eyes and emotions.


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Renascence A piece about a new beginning, a new self, new energies. Dragonflies symbolize going past self-created illusions that limit our growth and ability to change. A symbol of happiness and new beginnings. Embrace the new you, embrace the changes.

Abraham Yael is the first Mexican to display cryptoart in worldwide exhibitions.  


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(This artwork was displayed in Times Square during the Armory Show in New York City 2022 for Art Innovation Gallery) This 3D artwork represents the death of the Stoic philosopher Seneca. That drained his veins, and suffocated in a hot bath. Represented by the red mist and hot water. His writings about morality and virtue, impacted so much in my life, he reflected what I consider to be an exceptional human being, so this artwork represents the moment in which Seneca ends up being worthy of Apotheosis.

Using emotional experiences to form energetic intention through mixed mediums. 19yo  


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Mind-soul-body, birth-life-death. Genesis. There are 3 important circles in this piece representing the omen of creativity, optimism, and curiosity, forming a trinity. The intention I put behind the circle is important in itself, the never ending pursuit of a circle, once created will never stop; the only option is to continue the 360 degree rotation. This all ties into the main subjects’ uneasy pose, not quite sure which direction to go, grounded by shapes and connected by arm. The colors, and additional elements add reassurance and support. Albeit, this is my interpretation, which I realized after completion of the piece. I had no concrete direction going into this piece, I trusted intuition and this is the conclusion: Explore, find your own interpretation.  

“Wordsmithing” with A-I  


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“The graffiti vandal uses space to experience the city in a different but meaningful way, expressing the moments they experience through visual but non-verbal markers that many other community members do not communicate openly. New use of latent spaces becomes opportunities for communication, probing a reaction from the community.”  

To create means to be buzz dealer worldwide  


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The spot means location where culture is creating. This is where the meet and parting, sport and cheel, art and exploring, ups and downs take place. Materials: Stretched canvas 50×100 cm, acrylic. Feel free to connect me for more info if you want the physical painting. Shipping calculates separatly depending on your place.  

weird digital artist 

Ego Death

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He who is free in the body, but bound in the soul is a slave; but on the contrary he who is bound in the body, but free in the soul, is truly free.  

Black White Photographer An Echo Of Horror Hope  


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Are those with the gift of foresight powerless to stop the inevitable?  


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