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Feb 24, 2023 New SuperRare Artists

10 months ago

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My art is all about questioning our relationship to the time that passes. 

The Bus Stop

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The Bus Stop It’s about love, about her, about us, about you and about time. It’s about a journey, a visual story. She’s a poppy. She’s rooted in me. “Through the blue summer days, I shall travel all the ways, Pricked by the ears of maize, trampling the dew: A dreamer, I will gaze, as underfoot the coolness plays. I’ll let the evening breeze drench my head anew.” A.R. Artwork & music composition by Mannay (2023)  

Sometimes landscape is just way to see the light. Alternative processing film photography from Michigan, USA  

Gates of Samsara

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Here. Just beyond the Gates of Samsara. Double exposed medium format film. Souped in apple cider, vinegar, peppermint extract, hot sauce, DNA, windex and saffron. A Jim Roll photograph.  

like drawing robots.  

Melancholy Hill

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My first ever animation piece. A living drawing capturing a moment between friends on a big adventure.  

New artists on SuperRare

Hawaiian Lava Chaser by night Wave Chaser by day. Living to capture special moments in real time! Part time Visionary AI Artist NFT Collector  


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When Magma comes from a staggering 150 miles beneath earths surface it turns into Lava as it erupts. Every Eruption that occurs is unique and different. So many different types of Lava eruptions and formations. The boiling Lava above is the most powerful type that burst onto the surface from pressure built up below. This video is filmed at Kilauea Crater Lava Lake. We only have 7 Lava Lakes currently active on the entire Planet! One residing here in Hawaii. Our Hawaiian culture embrace us to respect Pele who is the Goddess of Fire in all her glory as she keeps us safe during every journey. With Great gratitude I am Honored to be on SuperRare and Mint my Very First NFT MAGMA=LAVA

believe art is anything that makes you feel something, and so create and collect art. My art is eclectic, passionate, moving, and reflects me.  

Withdrawals of Emotional Maleficence

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“Withdrawals of Emotional Maleficence” is a massive contemporary multi-media collage composition that takes the viewer on a visual journey of my experiences, inspirations, and learnings. The mixed media used in this artwork is a testament to my time as a creator and combines physical doodles and paintings, photography, digital painting, gradients and collages made on Figma, and touches of AI tools. My goal was to create a striking and multi-dimensional artwork that can be explored to forever reveal new aspects with the hope of leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. For the trained eye, you can see influences of the greats such as David Hockney, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Monet, artists who have played a huge role in shaping my work, and who’s art I spent hours admiring in art galleries around the world. The exploration and references of their styles through the vibrant colors, bold strokes, and intricate details in the artwork was included as an homage to these masters of art, while still retaining the unique artistic voice I’ve found through my own journey. The intention behind “Withdrawals of Emotional Maleficence” was to capture my own real-life experiences: immigration, heartbreak, homesickness, social anxiety, traveling, all combined with different genres and styles to ultimately showcase my artistic evolution. I invite you to explore this artwork and hope it leaves you captivated by its depth and beauty.  

documenting the road travel one 📸 at time  


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am an Artist born and raised in Honduras, Central America. Photography, traditional painting Mixed media Art. 

Sunset Love

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We perceive love as something intangible, which deserves extraordinary respect and cannot or should not be altered or expressly damaged. It is based on faith, trust that transforms it into something real and special. Watercolor with mixed media Ai Art.  

Photographer – Storytelling through moments.  


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Solitude and peace In the stillness of the mind, I find My true self in repose During a heavy period of life, I felt the deep urge to get out and create. It had been a while since I connected with a subject and my camera, even though it was late and cold, I packed up my tripod and travel strobe light. I had an idea. Why not use myself to appease the muse? I put on my heavy peacoat, grabbed an old newspaper, pack of smokes and my hat and drove to an empty mall parking lot for a self-portrait. I wanted to convey a sense of mystery and calmness, like someone waiting for a train, a person who appears to have lived storied life with still many things to do but is patiently awaiting their pickup for the journey ahead—the capturing of Repose. *Haiku made in collaboration with AI  

Art is delicate channel of interaction and vital element for human development.

Fuck It

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Time doesn’t even present itself, without excitement, without a chance. It passes without leaving a trace and takes the world with it. It takes the world to live and brings death. A strange, intimate being. It passes suspiciously, so sneakily that you need to constantly think about it. Omnipotent, omnipresent… Am I just a cog with the sole purpose of allowing it to pass and continue to be felt, and therefore, existing? Or am I just a result of an inevitable chain of coincidences in front of eternity, and therefore, the living proof of it? The infinite assumes that there can be neither an end nor a beginning. And I, as an organic circumstance, fear death, why? If I’ve been dead all the time even before I was born? Fuck it. Screw all lack of choice! And screw time too! Because thinking about it is losing it. // Oil on Canvas handmade painted by Susano Correia. The NFT represents the digital piece.

GIF/JPGs creator Green mind 🟢  

The green king

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« The green king » 2023  

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