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Mar 3, 2023 New SuperRare Artists

1 year ago

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Hi! New here… 3D+Photog Dramateur Visual Storyteller  

Grand Sante

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As Part of the Digital Heritage Curation: Take a journey back in time with GlitchOfMind where he pays tribute to his great-grandmother’s legacy through his art. Glitch grew up in a family of women who were devoted to finding natural remedies for their ailments, including the Afro-Caribbean spirituality belief system that was often demonized in favor of the enforce Christianity beliefs. Composition: The artwork is a composition of 3D, VR sculpting, photography, STABLE Diffusion (AI), and post-processing in Photoshop and Lightroom. The main scene was created using 3D elements and VR sculpting, while the texture of the character’s costume was created on Stable Diffusion and later converted into 3D materials to be applied. The pose of the character was inspired by the French painting, “La Méditation” by Anatole Vely, adding a touch of classical art to this vibrant and modern piece. The scenic backdrop is a photograph taken by GlitchOfMind in the Dominican Republic, his homeland, during one of his journeys back to his roots. Through this beautiful and elaborate piece, GlitchOfMind honors his family’s traditions while exploring his heritage. This artwork not only showcases his talent and creativity but also a love letter to his Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Afro Futuristic Visual Artist  


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Out of the series ‘Your Mother’. Model: Hazel Vijfhoven Visual art 2023  

am NikiLe, a self-taught digital artist, wife and mother. use erasure on my own photos/art into piscessculpting, further painting to create.  


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Inspired by the poem by John Keats, and the great songbird. This envelopes everything that I try to accomplish with my artwork. The humbling idea that we are all connected, to each other, the universe really, this digital world-even after death. Addressing mortality, without mourning. Your story, your artwork, what you write, your ideas, your decaying body that feeds the earth, the ashes of you washes into everything, and lives on. As with all of my artwork, I use erasure on the same photograph taken by me in many of my artworks, ripping it into pieces in many different layers. I sculpt those into something new, further painting to create. For this artwork I also used several AI generated artworks for added texture and shape. I use short, visible strokes to blend all of our connections together and our separation. Blending life with death, calm with chaos, the night sky with daybreak. The flowering blooms of that plum tree, and the mutual warm feeling on my skin-that is dirt and dust, where life can feed and grow, to burn and again feeding life. Concept: ©MONOGRAMA #GUARDIAN113 Geo Location:  

New artists on SuperRare

The Light That Binds

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The Light That Binds Made from layers of photoshop and digital painting, the light of the skies behind the backdrop of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is intensified in this work that combines a love and respect for the UAE, with techniques that elevate the photography into a moving artwork. The score is composed of Middle Eastern rhythms, pulling on the artist’s love and appreciation of music, which he learned in childhood.  

My photography practice has emphasized the fleeting moments of life held precious by the painstaking process of analog photography.  

Love Parade

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Captured on November 2nd at the Gucci Love Parade Runway show on a Leica Minilux 35 MM Camera, developed and then scanned on a Noritsu.

like to do dope stuff with artists  

Cloudy Frontiers

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As he floated outside the spacecraft, he gazed in wonder at the vast expanse of the universe stretching out before him. The clouds below were just a distant memory as he explored the stars and galaxies that surrounded him. He had always dreamed of reaching beyond the clouds and discovering what lay beyond, and now, as an astronaut, that dream had become a reality. Every moment was a new adventure, as he floated weightlessly, taking in the beauty of the cosmos. He marveled at the endless possibilities of what he might find and felt a sense of awe and humility at being a small part of something so much greater. With every new discovery, he felt as though he was unlocking the secrets of the universe and learning more about the world and his place in it. For this astronaut, floating among the stars was a journey of self-discovery, a chance to find meaning and purpose in a universe beyond the clouds. And as he gazed upon the endless sea of stars, he couldn’t help but feel grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to explore and experience the mysteries of the universe.  

Vintage Pop Psychedelic Art  

Falling Down

Edition 1 of 1

1 of 3 Skitchism Genesis Collection 5000 x 6000 2023  



Edition 1 of 1

La seule fois tu souris, c’est dans mon œuvres d’art. Avant de nous tourner vers des étrangers, essayez d’aimer dans le noir. ©2023 AYXO  

An ethusiastic isometric artist  

The Second Chance

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This artwork is my genesis to SR. And it also my first time experimenting isometric illusion with surrealism. I love Mc Esher’s work espcially the ‘Waterfall’ lithograph. So by combining that & surrealism, I come out with this. Surrealism always fascinated me, so here lots of random characters appeared on this piece. Short description that inspired my piece: NFT art really open my eyes to a whole new possibility. I was out of freelance/comission work during pandemic. When I was introduced to NFT, it gave me a second chance & a lifeline. So this piece can be interpreted as both, I’m accepting the second chance, or I’m giving the token of appreciation.

1500labs was co-founded by two visual artists, Debora Hirsch and Martin Giménez Larralde to operate in the NFTs space.  

Hauberk Under Tempest

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Suspended on an organic tempest sofa, a metallic vest resembling protection in a spiritual battle, surrenders to reptilian poison. 1500labs displays a process of almost instant rarefaction from fashion luxury objects to enigmatic and mysterious forms. Ceaseless mutations that materialize in a variety of outcomes, the symbolic, the unexplained or the sublime. Unique 1/1 NFT Format: MP4 Duration: 26 seconds Resolution: 2160 x 2160px

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