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Mar 10, 2023 New SuperRare Artists

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New artists to watch

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photographer capturing moments and exploring the timelessness and intense isolationism of the world.  

The Deep End

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Life will lead you in many different directions over the course of time. The one that feels the most inevitable is also the one that feels like it could be the end of everything. The moment when you feel like you have nowhere else to go. The moment where the only direction you see is straight down. That moment passes.  

Colors, Lines Aesthetics  


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Everything should be clearly seen

Dino Kuznik is New York based Photographer, originally from Slovenia, Europe. He uses photography as medium to immortalize aesthetically unique scenes, with an emphasis on color and composition. Solitude is driving factor behind his personal work. It reflects peaceful state of mind, one only attainable after total immersion within the environment he works in. Experienced as journalistic photog., retoucher and gr. designer, he now focuses on personal body of work and commercial project.


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“Caddylove” captures the whimsical and romantic atmosphere of Las Vegas, a city known for its quick elopements/weddings and extravagant displays of love. The image features a pink Cadillac tire parked in front of a wedding chapel that is viewed through a heart-shaped fence. The meticulous composition of the photograph places the heart shape in the foreground, providing a dreamy and romantic feel to the image, while the blurred-out texture creates a sense of depth and dimension.” We can discern a few factors and metaphors from this photograph, like the joy and excitement of weddings and the unique charm of Las Vegas. The heart shape symbolizes the promise and commitment made in this place, but the pink Cadillac, the glamour, and the glitz of the city, so in a way, are contradictory, which can bring a viewer to the conclusion that most commitments made here are not made to last, or are they?  

New artists on SuperRare

I’m mixed media 2d artist using both traditional and digital instruments in my work 


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The eyes of Her are still closed, but the spirit is awake and the lungs are filled with a new breath. The young moon rises in the sky and the past drowns in the bottomless sea. Thought of change, born of foam, flies over the white water. Digital painting. Tools used: Sketching and presets: traditional media, scans Сomposition, underpainting: Stable Diffusion AI+ Photoshop Main processing, detailisation: digital painting in Photoshop

As an graphic artist, merge my classical training and love of architecture, with my long and familial love of nature and protection of same.  

Crysis Crypto African Lion

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Crysis Crypto African Lion shedding a tear over the decimation of his environment and the danger it presents to his pride. This is a beautiful and highly stylized graphical depiction of the “King of the Jungle”.  

By 𝐁𝐞𝐧 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐬. Using photography to make the otherwise invisible, visible.  

Lux No. 1

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The story begins with the simple pendulum, and represents the minimalistic, yet elegant designs that exist at the core of the Universal code. Welcome to the Genesis of “Pursuit of Equilibrium”.

am photomateric

Infinity – Aquarium

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Time does not exist, there is only the relationship between variables. Jacopo Di Cera began to investigate the depths of time, looking for a form that could express its contemporary meaning, with a plurality of contents but only one absolute term. In this research of his he found answers in the world of video art, managing to show us in a unique way, with the universal language of images, the current sense of time. According to Einstein’s theories, space and time are two faces of the same entity, every physical object in the universe, even ourselves, has its own time. The concept of “before”, “after” and “contemporaneity” fall. The time of each object can be defined as a closed circle, a loop, and the only thing that remains possible is to describe how the times of each entity intersect when they meet The Infinity project investigates this path, and tries to use visual art, video art in particular, to show us, as only art and artists can do, what our eyes cannot see. In this study that touches upon leisure social moments, such as summer and weekends, or winter breaks, the key factor weather that makes such moments “holidays” is eliminated. Actions no longer have a beginning and an end, the subjects live in an infinite and indefinite time loop. Our lives are made up of movements and actions, sometimes imperceptible and sometimes striking, and our time is filled with these actions. Jacopo Di Cera, through his art, shows us how such actions and their time are not only feasible, but united in a single loop, a single endless circle, where the beginning and the end merge and unite, creating a perpetual motion. In this scenario, Jacopo di Cera breaks down the last frontier that separates photography from the video image, creating works of art that communicate a quantum concept of time, which can no longer be expressed with normal means of communication.

Blending digital art with artificial intelligence.  

Threads of Self-Expression

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Fashion is a language of its own, speaking volumes about the person who wears it. It reveals secrets and conceals mysteries, hinting at the stories and emotions that lie beneath the surface. It is a veil that can be lifted, a whisper that can be heard, a code that can be deciphered.  

TimeALICE is digital artist living in Korea. He worked on animation as base and participated in character design, key animation, and commercial production for various domestic and international works. In his personal work, he is interested in geometric patterns that symbolize energy and works in various styles on projects that interpret geometric mechanisms internally and externally. The worldview is introduced through various processes such as animation, design, and comics.


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Enlightenment by electromagnetic interaction

biologist with passion for the ocean and photography Dive Instructor | currently diving in Madeira


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Inhale, exhale As I descend into the darkness, not knowing what is below me, I feel a hint of fear and excitement. Into the abyss, a ray of light illuminates the darkness. Inhale, exhale A shadow pushes through the darkness into the light. I swim towards it, while the imaginary escapes into the abyss. Inhale, exhale I descend further into the darkness and follow the mysterious shadow deep down.

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